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An advanced Windows based editor for making updates/tweaks to ini files for games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Oblivion

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Ini File Editor
- By Sir Garnon

Ini File Editor is an advanced config file editor for making updates/tweaks to ini files for games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Oblivion. You can use this tool to easily make updates, and also undo those changes to your ini file. Another critical feature is the ability to visibly track what settings were changed, and what their default values are.

Main Features:
  • A tree view for navigating your ini file, sorted alphabetically. This is only for display purposes, and doesn't actually sort your file.
  • A list of before and after changes. You can see exactly what settings you've changed.
  • A user maintainable settings help file which allows you to enter your own descriptions.
  • A quick launch for Notepad, which will open your current ini file for you. This will allow you to edit manually as needed.
  • A quick launch to the folder where your ini file is located.
  • A extract feature which will take only the differences between your current ini file and your backup file, and create a mini ini file from those differences. This is really useful if you want to share or publish just the changes that you made, rather than posting your ENTIRE ini file.
  • A merge feature which allows you to enter in several custom settings at once, and integrate them into your main ini file. This is helpful, for example, when taking a group of settings from a friend, or experimenting with settings from your favorite website.

- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
- Microsoft .net Framework v4

To install, simply extract the exe file to your Desktop, or favorite folder.

You may also need to install the latest Microsoft .net framework (required):

Copy the optional IniHelpFile.xml to the same folder where your ini files are located. Typically:

C:Users[your login id]DocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSkyrimPrefs.ini

1) Simply load your current ini for your game, typically found somewhere like here:
C:Users[your login id]DocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSkyrimPrefs.ini
C:Users[your login id]DocumentsMy GamesFallout3FalloutPrefs.ini

2) Make a backup of your ini before you do anything else!!! All you need to do here is click the "Create Backup" button.

3) Begin making updates as you desire. You can search for a specific ini settings, or navigate the tree view to find what you want to change. Once you edit your value, simply click the "Save" button.

4) To undo your update, simply reselect the particular setting, click "Restore to Backup", and then click "Save".

Important Notes:
This is v1.6 of the tool, and while I've thoroughly tested it and use it myself, it may contain bugs. If you encounter a problem though, please let me know and I'll get it fixed.

Always keep a backup ini file in a safe place, just in case of emergencies.

The tool currently does not have any knowledge of what a valid setting value or setting range is. For example: uGridsToLoad typically must be 5, 7, 9, or 11. While there is some basic validation in place, it's up to you to know and understand what the correct value is. In other words, you can enter an invalid setting like this "uGridsToLoad=99", but that will only result in crashing your game.

Unfortunately I don't have any special insider tweaking information, all of own my personal settings have been found on Google, the Bethesda forums, and great sites like www.tweakguides.com.

My advice is that when changing ini values, only try out a couple at a time, and then see if there's an improvement in the game. My experience though, has been that many of the reported customizations are really only perpetuated urban legend, and don't really offer any improvements. These typically will only grant you a temporary placebo effect (aka, tweaker madness).

The "Restore To Backup" capability is based on the values in your backup file. It's best to create a backup after a fresh install, and also before making any changes. If you happen to create a backup from a heavily customized ini file, the tool doesn't have any knowledge of what the fresh/original install setting was, and won't be able to restore back to that. In that case, you'll need to research that, and apply it manually.

Available Options:
  • "Notepad" - This button simply loads your current open ini in Notepad. From there, you can manually edit in Notepad as needed.
  • "Create Backup" - This button will create a backup copy of your current open ini file. The backup will get created in the same folder where the open ini file was loaded from, and the name of the backup will be something like this.
  • For example, if you current ini is this: C:UsersGamesDocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSkyrimPrefs.ini your backup file will be created as: C:UsersGamesDocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSkyrimPrefs.ini_BACKUP
  • "Search" - Currently, the search has simple auto complete implemented, and will find all matching ini setting starting with the first letters your type in.
  • "Value" - This will alternate between a checkbox, and a text input box. The checkbox is for ini settings that start with a "b", and the text input box is for everything else.
  • "Compare Window" - This displays the updated settings and differences between your current ini file, and the backup ini file. This allows you to see exactly which setting you've edited. You can click on a row here to edit the value.
  • "Restore to Backup" - This button is used for restoring the current selected ini setting back to the value that's in the backup or compare file. To restore, click this button, then click "Save".
  • "Save" - This button will perform some basic validation, and then save your change to your current ini file. Currently, this behaves similar to Notepad, where a save operation is explicit -- i.e. you must click the Save button to save your changes. If you edit the value, but don't Save, then the save does not occur.
  • "Current" - This link will open Windows Explorer to the folder where the open ini file is located.
  • "Backup" - This link will open Windows Explorer to the folder where the backup/compare ini file is located.
  • "Load Backup/Compare" - This button will load your backup file, or an alternate file for purposes of comparing it to your current open ini file. This is the same concept as what the WinDiff utility provides.
  • "Build Compare Ini" - This button will build a mini ini file based on the values that are displayed in the Compare Window. This is useful for creating a list of only the customizations in your ini file, which can be shared with friends and posted to websites.
  • "Merge in Settings" - This button will open a dialog window where you can enter in multiple settings to be merged in automatically. This is helpful if you find a series of settings on a website, and want to integrate them into your ini file.

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