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Fixes the Hit the Deck and Stonewall perks so that they don\'t display a non-existent increase in DT whenever you\'re using a weapon of the appropriate type.

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This bug fix is included in Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch (YUP)
If you're looking for a single file that fixes all your bugs, why not give YUP a shot?

A minor fix, but one that's kind of annoying all the same.

With the Hit the Deck perk you gain +25 DT against any attacks with explosives. This is done by checking the weapon skill type of your attacker. It works flawlessly for preventing damage, but it has a side-effect: if you are using an explosives-skill weapon, the game will display this +25 DT increase when you check the Pip-Boy. The DT increase isn't actually applied, mind you, it just displays as though it is. Stonewall is similarly affected, only with Unarmed and Melee weapons. Minor, but annoying.

This fix adds a condition check to each of those perks that prevents it from ''applying'' (displaying) this DT increase whenever the game is not in normal gameplay mode, i.e. whenever you are in a menu such as the Pip-Boy. This stops the game from showing the non-existent DT increase, but still applies it whenever you take damage from weapons of the appropriate type - including from yourself.