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Adds Jaynes, Mals, Zoes hanguns and Vera. And now even Browncoat and Alliance armor.

Permissions and credits
*Firefly guns v1.2 *

REMEMBER you use this mod on your own risk, I will not be responsible to any damage to your computer, game, yourselve etc.
Also models included in this mod are rather high-poly, so you might notice some performance drop on slower machines.

*Big thanks to the following people for helping with this mod *

joefoxx082 for making Bullup Reload animation mod, which I use in this mod (you can find it here http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=40365).
Naky for helping fixing Vera´s mesh
larrypowder for discussing Vera's final look.
Camon for suggestion of renaming Taurus to Frontier Model.
And finaly big thanks to all the people who downloaded this mod.

(if I forgot someone send me a message and I will write you here)


Just copy the Data folder from the archive into your Game folder, and dont forget to enable the mod before playing:).

*What you can find in this mod *

New weapons:
Callahan fullbore autolock "Vera", .50 MG (with scope or iron sights)
Mal´s personal gun, named Frontier model 25-17/AD .44
Jaynes revolver, named Lemat 24-61/AD 45-70 gov.
Zoes personal gun, Mares Leg .cal .44
Engraved Mares Leg
Winchester 1892, .cal .44
Il-85, .cal 5.56mm
Alliance plasma grenade

New armor:
Browncoat armor
Browncoat armor w/o jacket
Alliance Armor - Mk.IX Adv. Combat armor
Alliance Armor Helmet - Mk. XXI Adv. Combat Helmet

New location:
Alliance Provisional Base (It´s in Searchlight Airport main building, weapons and armors are there in the basement. It is nothing special, i just read Geck tutorial and didn´t want to build just another vault)

*Notes v1.2 *
Well Christmas are coming and according to my calendar, it is 21.12.2012, and still no sign of Apocalypse, sigh:) Anyway, since the best way to experience the apocalypse is the Fallout (just kidding), I made you a little Christmas present. I remade and retextured mal´s gun (Frontier model B), so it now has properly baked normals and high-res "rusty" textures. You can compare both models here (keep in mind that even though p3d.in is quite close to the fallout engine, it still shows some differences):

Old model: http://p3d.in/03Cws
New model: http://p3d.in/mioJX

Do not forget to post your opinions on the new model in the commentaries;)

Also only update file is available (First you have to download normal update file, and them if you are using sound or armor only version, you have to download corresponding esp file).

For Ideas, comments, suggestions etc. mail me:
[email protected]

I do not own any copyrights for firefly/serenity. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. I only made models and textures.

If you want to use them for you personal use, fine. If you want to distribute them, use for commercial purposes etc., please ask me first. Thank you.