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A complete rebuild of Nipton plus additional buildings.

Permissions and credits
The contrast between what was Nipton and what is now is enormous. Every home interior has been decorated.

The city hall, now the "Regent Eagle Community Hall", is a thing of beauty.

The Store with merchant, due to Clinsters talents, is the finest store in the game.

The Nipton Hotel is quite grand and has a nice player apartment. The old Nipton Hotel now houses a player bungalow.

The RV Park is a work of art and entirely contributed to this mod by Clinster. It features mobile homes, campers, and trucks that are exquisite in every detail. Be sure to check out the medical supply boxes at the entrance and the toolboxes on the mobile homes. Campfires are lighted at night and extinguished during the day.

Streets and sidewalks have been repaired.

There are travelers in the RV Park, residents in the homes, and customers in the hotel, which add to the ambiance of a new town.

Npc's have been added for ambiance.


It is recommended that you play through Nipton handle the Legion and scavenge the homes before activating this mod. It will play from the beginning without effecting the quests, but you will miss the scavenging.

Arcane20 for fixing the Bungalow meshes

Clintmich for the Hi-res Chems and Health textures

Clintmich for the upright piano

Regent Eagle for the New Town Hall remaned Regent Eagle Community HallRegent Eagle for the
PC. the plasma screen TV, the refrigerator I retextured to stainless, tablecloths, and drapery rod.

Pinioncorp for the chandeliers, piano, and piano bench

Clintster’s resources are free to use with out further permission, just give him credit. His resources are designated with the initials CRS in the prefix.

Other resources are mine and generaly have jr in the prefix and are available for use without further permission.

Those works who's authors I have credited should be credited in the same manner if you use their assets.

A special note of appreciation for ElminsterAU for FNVEdit which was used to clean this mod and convert it to an ESM.

To Bethsoft and Obsidian for the game and the tools to mod it.

To Darkone and the Admins who maintain this site.

I am most grateful for all the modders who provide special resources for this game.