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Old World Blues Transportalponder modified to work across all DLC areas. Each DLC area can be traveled to after the main quest for that DLC is completed. Companion restrictions also removed.

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Requires: Dead Money DLC, Honest Hearts DLC, Old World Blues DLC, Lonesome Road DLC.

The Old World Blues Transportalponder is modified to let the player travel to and from a DLC area after the main quest is completed for that DLC. Companion restrictions are also removed after each DLC's main quest is completed, including on the doors to the Divide and Zion. The transportalponder is still set as a quest item.

The player must return to the Mojave from the DLC for transportalponder to update. If the player already has the transportalponder when this mod installed and has already completed another DLC besides Old World Blues, travel from the Sink to the Mojave for it to update.

Additional Destinations:
The Sierra Madre: player is transported to the villa fountain.
Zion: player is transported to the southern passage.
The Divide: player is transported to the entrance to the Hopeville Missile Silo. Transporting the player to the canyon wreckage door with multiple companions makes the second companion go off the map.