Sari-Decembers Wearable Dogtags by G33k3dGam3r-SariDecember
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Last updated at 16:23, 8 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 1:22, 3 Nov 2011


V1.1 uploaded, fixes the language bug thatVelante and Amig186 pointed out.
Also it adds another 10 sets of dogtags, that can be worn over heavier armor such as the metal armor, combat armor a.s.o.
After tweaking around a bit in Blender, I decided that I will not add power armor support. Besides the fact that power armor meshes are just too different in the chest region it just looks silly! :P


Sari-December's Wearable Dogtags


This mod adds 10 dogtags to a small chest on quartermaster Mayes' desk in Camp Forlorn Hope (that's the guy whom you deliver the NCR dogtags). These can only be worn and are for cosmetic purposes only. They come with slightly different meshes for males and females. The female variant is fitted to light clothing using Type6 body replacer but works also nice with the vanilla mesh. I didn't test it with type3 but it should also work fine!

The male dogtags are fitted to the vanilla male body mesh.


How to use:

1. Get them from the chest and equip them! (now that was simple!)


Installation Guide:

Download the zipped archive, open it with e.g. 7zip and extract the files to your FalloutNV/data directory. Open FOMM or the "Data Files" tab in Fallout Launcher and place the checkmark next to "Wearabledogtags.esp". GO! :D

UNinstallation Guide:

Delete the files mentioned above.


Bugs & Issues:

The dogtags can't be dropped on the ground, try it and their gone... forever... AND THEY AIN'T COMIN' BACK! GONE, GONE WITHOUT A TRACE!!! ... I think you got the point!?

Wearing them on heavy/thick armor can lead to bad clipping or make them completely disappear, depending on the success of this mod I maybe do some additional meshes for heavy armor!


Tools used:



Thanks to:

You for reading that far!
G33k3dGam3r for his awesome work!



Although G33k3dGam3r came up with the mesh-work and clearly stated it as a modder's respurce, I did the UV-mapping, texturing and rigging and therefor it's prohibited to upload this anywhere else without my permission, which much likely won't be given in any event! THIS ALSO INCLUDES RUSSIAN COMMUNITIES, so don''t bother asking!


Appendix: Due to a given reason I'm gonna make this a bit clearer: THIS MOD IS A NEXUS EXCLUSIVE, you are not allowed to upload this ANYWHERE else, be it in russian, french, kenji or hindi. PMs asking for approval anyway will be ignored from now on. If this one shows up anywhere else, it will result in a report and most likely a ban, as well as further measures regarding copyright infringement.

HOWEVER: Due to the fact that most of the first comments consisted of "make them look that way, they should look like this and that", I allow (even ENCOURAGE) people who are able and willing to do retextures of this to do so, AS LONG AS the mesh from this mod is still required and proper credit is given!