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Allows you to select a Super Mutant as a playable race. Includes perks, traits, and equipment

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[size=+2]SmileyTops' Terrible Super Mutants - Playable Super Mutant Race[/size]
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Decided to add a little content with the fixes.
Includes Nightkin,
A new perk - Disciple, allows you to recruit remnants of the Master's army to your cause
A few fixes. Notably, NCR rep change toned down (forgot that they tried to murder people they shun), Vault 21 suit will be replaced with Super Mutant work clothes properly, shouldn't be attacked by a lone Black Mountain Nightkin anymore, centaurs are now neutral.

/New file. Alternate Heads. Includes a selection of three alternate heads to choose from.

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I once again set out to create a Dog race, this time I ended up with Super Mutants.

This mod will let you select a playable Super Mutant Race at character creation. It also includes Super Mutant unique traits/perks to help you feel more like a Super Mutant.

A Nightkin race is now also available.
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[size=+1.5]ST Terrible Super Mutants[/size]
- - - -

Along with looking like a Super Mutant, this includes a few extras to help you feel like one too.

As a Super Mutant you receive the following inherent attributes:
  • +2 STR
  • +1 END
  • +25 Poison Resist
  • +6 DT, +25% DR
  • +20% DMG
  • Radiation Immunity and Recovery (You have full Radiation Resistance, will not suffer negative effects from Radiation and you will lose 3 Rads every 5 seconds. Had to make a change to the base Radiation Actor Effects, so beware of conflicts if you have another mod that alters it.)
  • You start off Neutral to the Black Mountain Faction
  • -2 INT
  • -1 AGL
  • -1 CHA
  • Have to use Super Mutant armors (Tried to provide a nice selection of armors. Well you can use regular armor, but you look ridiculous)
  • -20% XP Gain
  • -30% ACC with one-handed guns
  • You start off with +2 Infamy with the NCR.

As a Nightkin you receive similar attributes, with the following differences:
(These are to represent the Nightkin's increasing uneasiness, and aggravating schizophrenia, with being seen. Beyond this, I decided to leave the practice of the Nightkin's psychosis up to you the player to RP as you see fit)
  • You receive the 20% Damage when you are not under the effect of a Stealth Field
  • - 2 Int only applies when you are not under the effect of a Stealth Field.
  • You receive -10% accuracy when you are not under the effect of a Stealth Field
  • When under the effect of a Stealth Field your damage bonus is reduced to 10%

Super Mutant Only Traits (two of which are based on the Traits from Fallout Tactics)

Chosen - FormID XX00109E
You are one of the Master's greatest creations. Stronger, tougher, and retaining your intellect. However, you lack the simple brutality of your less intelligent cousins.
You do not suffer the -2 to your Intelligence. Your inherent bonus to damage is reduced to 10%. Your inherent bonus to damage resistance is reduced to 15%.
Your XP gain penalty is increased to -30%.
*Nightkin may not select this, as they were originally the Master's elite.

Ham-Fisted - FormID XX00137D
Your transformation endowed you with huge hands. Good for hitting things, but it makes working with fine tools more difficult.
You add half your STR score to your unarmed damage, but suffer - 5 to Medicine / Science / Repair / Lockpick / Explosives

Vat Skin - FormID XX00137C
Your transformation was imperfect, it left your skin a thick, bubbling, foul-smelling mess. Other people find you hideous to behold and vomitous to smell!
You gain +2 DT, but suffer a further -1 CHA. Also, any friend or foe nearby has a chance to begin retching uncontrollably at the sight or smell of you.

Super Mutant Only Perks

Level 4
Steady Arm - FormID XX00137F
Your massive size allows you to keep a steady arm, even with the most violent of weapons. You have 20% greater accuracy with large guns and burst firing weapons.
(Had to use a list for a few general burst weapons, so the effect won't apply to some weapons added by mods/dlc.)

Level 6
Clobbering Time - FormID XX001381
There's just something about this particular time of day that makes you want to fight.
When you gain this perk you will select a six-hour period of the day. During this period, you will gain +4 DT and +2 DMG.

Level 8
Terrifying - FormID XX002D69
You're just plain terrifying. In some conversations, you gain the ability to initiate combat while terrifying a mob of opponents, sending them fleeing away for safety.
Gives you the Terrifying Presence Perk

Level 10
Gamma Rage - FormID XX001382
Your body processes radiation differently than other Super Mutants. As you become irradiated your body toughens and your fury grows to uncontrollable heights.
For every 100 rads, you gain 2% Damage Resistance and 3% Damage.

Level 12
Tough Hide - FormID xx001380
Exposure to radiation has hardened you against the elements. This perk grants +10% to Damage, Fire, Energy, and Poison resistances.

level 14
Mad Skills - FormID xx00137E
Prolonged exposure to the Stealth-Boy radiation field has left you hearing voices. Fortunately they know what they're talking about.
While under the effects of a Stealth-Boy or similar cloaking device, you gain +20% Movement Speed, +20% Crit Damage, and will bypass target DT equal to 1 + your INT score (to a maximum of 10).

level 16
Juggernaut - FormID xx001383
You know how to throw your weight around and once you get moving you're unstoppable!
You gain +10% run speed. When moving, you add 1 + half your END score to your unarmed and melee damage. Also, you gain a chance to knockdown your target equal to your STR, with melee and unarmed attacks.

level 24
Disciple - FormID xx007906
REQ; Neutral or Evil Alignment
3 ranks
You are one of the last voices of Unity. The remnants of the Master's army will defer to your command. Crouch and activate your target to recruit a follower. (You may recruit a total number equal to half your CHA)
At first rank, you may recruit Centaurs.
At second rank, you may recruit Super Mutants.
At third rank, you may recruit Nightkin.
(note, you don't recruit the actual NPC. When activated, an appropriate Follower will be appear nearby, it will follow you until death.)

Super Mutant Equipment

All Super Mutant equipment may be purchased from a new merchant in Jacobstown. His name is Tops and he is located in the rear Bungalow on the North side. Also Chet in Goodsprings has a small shipment of Super Mutant accessories available. (If they don't show up at first, wait three days for his inventory to refresh)
All Super Mutant equipment is prefaced with the words "Super Mutant".

Because of your large size, you cannot wear regular armor properly. A selection of armor has been made available.

Super Mutant armor is divided into 4 categories:

Heavy - Base DT 12
Medium - Base DT 8
Light - Base DT 4
Outfit - Base DT less than 4

Any armor that is based off a pre-existing one has a Recipe attached. This will let you convert them at a Workbench. (ie. If you have Leather Armor, you may create Super Mutant Leather Armor)

Hat, helmets, gloves and a few other accessories are also available.

Preview images in the gallery.

When starting a new game, the Vault 21 suit will be replaced with Super Mutant Work Clothes. (give it a second for the script to catch up. Actually works this time)

Also available, you may convert Miniguns, Missile Launchers, Gatling Lasers, Grenade Machineguns, and Light Machine Guns, into a melee variant. I felt that the Super Mutant was large and brutal enough that he should be able to just smack things with his gun.

Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Boxing Tape, and Dogtag Fist also have Super Mutant variants. The default ones will give you a human hand, make sure to convert them at a workbench before use. The Unique version of Spiked Knuckles and Dogtag Fist can also be properly converted.

*Nightkin note,
Nightkin have their own armor and gloves (because the skin colour is different). Similar recipes are available.
Nightkin specific equipment is prefaced with the word "Nightkin".
All Nightkin equipment may be purchased from a new merchant in Jacobstown. His name is Tops and he is located in the rear Bungalow on the North side. Also Chet in Goodsprings will have a small shipment of Nightkin accessories available. (If they don't show up at first, wait three days for his inventory to refresh)

Nightkin may also convert Stealthboys to Nightkin Modified Stealthboys. These have twice the duration, and will have even more duration when you are accompanied by Lily.
You will be given one to start you off, along your Nightkin Work Clothes.

- - - -
[size=+1.5]Voice Replacer[/size]
- - - -

This is a basic player-voice replacer. It will replace both male and female voices (if you choose to do so). You have the choice between Low Int Super Mutant voice, Smart Super Mutant Voice, or Marcus' Voice.

Once extracted, if you want the default voices back, go to your Data/Sound/Voice/falloutnv.esm/ folder and rename the playervoicemale & playervoicefemale folders to something else

- - - -
[size=+1.5]Alternate Heads[/size]
- - - -
Due to request and having a little time, a selection of three alternate heads for your Super Mutant.

This file contains three alternate heads for your Super Mutant.

When properly extracted you should find three new files in your, Data/Meshes/Characters/STSuperMutant folder:


To replace the default head, rename your chosen head file to,

(Remember to rename or keep a backup of the original head, in case you want to use it later.

Preview image in the gallery and included with the file.

Extract the contents of the folder to your /Data folder in your New vegas directory. Then follow the instructions above to select your head.

- - - -
[size=+1.5]IMPORTANT NOTES[/size]
- - - -
1) Once again I could not get the head to work proper. So your Head is actually an armor item that uses the Head Slot. Not the biggest issue. It will show up in your inventory as "[SMHead]", just incase the game or you decide to unequip it.

2) You will get an odd bug where sometimes when you try to use an object (most notably the Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester) it will give you the "Children cannot use that" message. Simply reload your latest save and that will clear the problem OR make a save and then load it will also clear the problem. I have no idea why this bug happens.

3) You will probably need a Pipboy replacer mod like The Pip-Boy 2500 or Readius. I have no idea how well it works/looks with the default pipboy (probably not super.)

4) The toggle to be considered a Super Mutant is the attribute perk. If you want the benefits and someone else comes out with a nicer looking Super Mutant race or the like, the Attribute Perk FormID is xx00109D

5) When you select the Super Mutant Race you are set to scale 1.4. If you feel you are too big, use the "player.setscale " command in the console.

6) Yes I am aware that the seams at the neck/hands are kind of bad and that there are a few clipping issues with some of the armor.

- - - -
[size=+1.5]Other Important Stuff[/size]
- - - -
The head is based off a resource provided in C.I.B.s Robots Aliens and Supermutants Resource Pack.

Special Thanks
To all those involved in creating the Fallout games.
To the Vault, for all that Fallout goodness
Nexus for giving a space for the mods.
Nexus contributors for fostering a sharing community.

- - - -
- - - -
Extract the contents of the folder to your \Data folder in your New Vegas directory. Then enable the plugins. For good measure ensure you have Archive invalidation.