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by GalesOfEuros and Team Children of the Wasteland: New Vegas
July 16, 2010 - Version 1.0

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Do not ask, request, demand, or suggest any sort of perverted functions to be included with this mod. If you want anything of the sort,
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Team Children of the Wasteland returns, with an official port of Children of the Wasteland to Fallout: New Vegas! The CotW:NV project aims to add playable children to the world of Fallout NV, and to improve upon many elements of the existing presence of children in the game, in the hopes of better creating an immersive roleplaying experience for those who wish to discover the Mojave Wasteland from a refreshing, unique perspective.

Modifications have been made to allow as seamless an integration of children into the game as possible. Limitations on child characters have been removed as necessary, and the game world itself has been modified to more immersively represent the Courier as a child, with some additional extras unique to the mod including new bodies, greater customization options for children, and new clothes!

Experience Fallout: New Vegas as a Child

Be free from arbitrary rules made by arbitrary adults, and allow your childlike curiosity to be satiated without limitations. Actions previously forbidden to children are now available. And, just as it would be in reality, all children are as vulnerable to the dangers of the Wastes as adults are; after all, they too are only blood-and-flesh humans.

Thanks to some post-war innovations to aging technology, the Gene Projector is now capable of showing a future facial projection of a child-aged human, complete with the modification tools it brings.

Enhanced Customization Options for Children

More realistic and proportioned bodies have been created for children in the form of CUTE (Children's Unique Transformation Enhancement), a body modification for both boys and girls by the core CotW team. High-quality and original meshed base bodies, textures and faces have been created for more childlike figures and facial structures. Several unique races have been added for children beyond the default four, including a Raider-inspired race and even Ghoul children.

Existing styles of clothing sported by young Wastelanders have been fitted for use with the new body figures, and all headpieces have been reworked to fit children. New clothes included with CUTE, inspired by designs created and contributed by dozens of talented tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths throughout the Wasteland, have been custom-fitted specifically for children to wear on their adventures, including clothes from the Boys' Locker by Sukram96 and Hart and the Child Armor Pack by Jethead and Kristoffer.

With the ability to create children comes a greater range of customization options as well. All hairstyles seen across the Wastes are available to choose from, as well as several unique and exotic designs by famed hair stylists Saram and Yoshinakota. Extra eye colors have been added as well to further express the diversity of individuals populating the Wasteland.

A Shop By Kids, For Kids

A new business has sprung up in the town of Goodsprings: the Mojave Cute Shop, run by the three Hughes siblings, who operate the store as a family business. It serves as a general supplies shop for all children's needs. However, it appears as though some trouble will be brewing on the horizon in the near future, and they may soon be seeking some help from an adventurous Young Courier.

Installing Children of the Wasteland

Installation of CotW:NV works much the same as it would other mods. Extract, copy to Data folder, overwrite, ArchiveInvalidate. If you're unfamiliar with any of these steps, here's a more detailed set of instructions.

  • Extract the file (using any supported extraction program such as 7-zip or WinRAR) into any temporary location. A new folder named "Data" should be created.
  • Copy the files in the "Data" folder into your Fallout NV installation directory (generally "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout New Vegas\", though this may vary), and click "yes" when prompted to overwrite.
  • Be sure that you toggle ArchiveInvalidation when you install the mod, and retoggle it if it's already on. Sometimes this is necesssary for ArchiveInvalidation to recognize any of the files that have just been placed.

Load Order

The optimal load order is as follows:

  • Fallout New Vegas.esm
  • (DLC)
  • (Other Mods)
  • Children of the Wasteland - New Vegas.esp
  • (Other Mods)

Version 1 - Nov 10, 2011

First public project release.

Known Issues

None, at the moment.

Future Plans

  • Add lots more clothing.


Please distribute unmodified copies widely: the CotW project is intended to become a standard base for child mods, to make everyone's modding as easy and consistent as possible. While it is not a requirement, if you make improvements or modifications that you think we might find useful, we'd be very grateful if you could contribute them back to the project. Either way, please credit the project for any resources used.

Distribution of modified versions of the CUTE body mesh is not permitted without the prior agreement of the CotW team. An exception is cropping it to fit with new outfits. Modifications may cause community splits, increasing the chances of conflicts, and going against the project's purpose as a standard base for modders. The restriction is also the express wish of the mesh's creator, Dimon. However, re-textures are permitted and welcomed.

So long as you give credit, you are also welcome to use, abuse and reuse all other resources from the mod in any way you wish, though to prevent future conflicts, we would be grateful if you'd consider just making this mod a prerequisite to your own, instead.

Advice To Modders

All animations, forms, references etc added by this mod are prefixed "CUTE" (possibly with different case). To avoid conflicts with future versions, please avoid using these prefixes with your own mods. On the other hand, if you're working with us as part of the project team, please try to use those prefixes, or similar. The only exception is the vanilla child clothes, which are not prefixed as they are replacers.

If you find any other items in the global namespace that are not prefixed, that's a bug: please let us know, and do not rely on the current name, as it'll be changed to the correct name in the next version.

The mod is distributed as an ESM file to make it easier for you to design mods based on it: just check the checkbox beside it in the GECK's Files->data form, the same as you already do for the Fallout3 ESM.

To add items to the shop, please follow the instructions given on the GECK wiki:

CotW:NV uses a naming convention for prefixes on the editor name, as follows:

000CotW -> top-level entries; these are not specific to any faction, race, cell, or anything else.
001 -> Hughes family specific
002-099 -> Reserved for official entries

Each number (001,002,etc) will refer to a group of items. 001 is anything that relates to the Hughes only. 002 is going to be the orphanage in New Vegas.

The Mojave Wasteland is a broken world, a microcosm of the heated political atmosphere of the Pre-War era. Factions vie for control over resources, land, and valuable pre-War relics offered by the Mojave Wasteland. And even within each faction are dissidents and unsatisfied citizens that question the value of their national leadership. Fallout has always served as a window into the theoretical, morose reality of post-apocalyptic civilizations struggling to survive amidst the chaos of anarchy and the constant decay of the Earth.

However, that world can only be truly explored to its fullest depth and presented in its truest light if the most options are given to the player to experience it from a wide variety of perspectives. And one of the most intriguing yet often controversial psychologies to explore is the infinitely malleable perspective of an innocent, impressionable child--a child who may be able to offer a unique perspective on the political tensions at play in the Mojave.

Team Children of Cyrodiil has always felt that, as a self-proclaimed "sandbox", Fallout did not always accurately represent the full possibilities of the unpredictable, dangerous Wasteland world, especially concerning the game's interpretation of children. Children were rarely found beyond the safety of town walls and caves, were unable to execute the most mundane of actions, and apparently were capable of evading death itself. The game's original representation of children, while perhaps superior to that of other games, has fallen short, especially compared to its predecessors.

Society today, in the safe, secure shadow of modern civilization, has made itself comfortable elevating the status of children to paragons of purity and innocence, and we as a society take every measure possible to hide the cruelty of the real world from our children via censors and walls in order to facilicate the ongoing preservation of that image. We delude ourselves into believing that we're showing them a pleasant, candy-colored picture of the world, when in reality the image that they see is stripped of all its color, one of the very fundamental aspects that makes it real and brings it to life.

The fictional world of the Mojave Wasteland provides an opportunity, at least in fiction, to break that down. For out in the wastes, the primal nature of human sin bares its fangs without restraint, and no creature is exempt from its fury. It is a world that has been stripped bare of its veils and censors for all to see as it truly is. In such a world, no child can be content with simply sitting back in the safety of an air-conditioned living room, mindlessly scrolling through television channels, for such a child would die an early death; the security of the Pre-War Era is infeasible to demand in the Mojave Wasteland, where every creature, strong or frail, human or animal, adult or child, must compete against and alongside one another in a vicious contest for survival.

The children that are featured in this mod see the reality of human nature and conflict as it truly is. They have seen beyond the safety of the living room window, into a world beyond that is rife with destruction, despair, and sadness, yet blooming with opportunities for redemption, hope, and life. And that alone is what makes the key difference. All of the barriers have been broken down, and all that remains is the opportunity for critical thought. In this world, they, as every other child and adult populating the Wasteland, must make the choice. And you can help guide the one powerful enough to change the world.

Whether the untainted innocence of a child becomes one of the purest and most powerful beacons of hope in the Wasteland, or the vanguard of justice and virtue in a world rife with crime and terror, or the power-seeking vagabond that craves nothing more than to satiate one's own greed and desire, or the dreaded harbinger of destruction to all of life itself... you are in control. For the fate of the Wasteland is in the hands of the Young Courier. And the fate of the Young Courier is in yours.

Lead Developer

  • GalesOfEuros

Senior Developers

  • Kiwi82mx - Lead developer of Children of the Wasteland for Fallout 3
  • Catweasel - Lead Programmer Plugin Coding and Conceptual Manager
  • Backsteppo - Art Creative and CUTE Girl Body Co-Developer
  • Arlekin - Breeze Jr. (BJr) Boy Body Main Developer and Boy Content Manager

Community Manager

  • Takeru Yamamoto


  • ABC
  • Baduk
  • blove
  • Bonafide
  • DC
  • Dimon
  • Eomanv
  • Hart (Boys' Locker)
  • Jethead (Child Armor Pack)
  • Koutetsu
  • Kristoffer (Child Armor Pack)
  • Orein - Special thanks for contributing in the Raider Tattoo Contest.
  • RocketLombax
  • Schitzcoi
  • Shinteo
  • SquallLeonHeart
  • Sukram96 (Boys' Locker)
  • TheRedSuns

Contributors and Supporters

  • Backsteppo (Bunny Suit; Carmine Dress - revisited; KKW Dress; Maid Dress; Sailor Uniform; Swimsuits)
  • Breeze (Original Breeze male body mesh)
  • Drazius (Clutter conversion - flower vase)
  • Ghogiel (Ghogiels ENV Map resource 1)
  • grffnhwk (Display Case v0.2)
  • hepsy (Goth Dress; Overalls)
  • Koutetsu (Nekogi)
  • MystyktSar (Twister mat mesh and texture)
  • N8K (Little Carmine Dress - original)
  • NIHS (P3 Aigis Armor for HGEC LAB)
  • NPR, Bronson (Amy Armor for TYPE3)
  • NPR/KURESE (Western Armor S M for HGEC)
  • Nikola Dechev (Denim Wear - obj models and bmp's from Turbosquid)
  • onitake,KafeiDotour (Kafeis Short Hairstyle Improved, some hairs used)
  • Renzeekin,Ascendence Kel (Leon's Haircut from RE4)
  • TAJocelyn, noraimironhand (Fireplace)
  • throttlekitty (throttlekittys hair pack 01, some hairs used)
  • TOXA (Jessica Outfit)
  • Throttlekitty (Eyelashes)
  • Umpa (Umpa Animation - shower)
  • Zenl (A Puppy - dog mesh)


We would like to give thanks to:

  • Bethesda and Obsidian - For creating such a great game as Fallout New Vegas!
  • Niftools/Blender Developers - For creating our basic tools for this art.
  • The Nexus Staff - For your continued support and for creating the best modding community for Fallout New Vegas.
  • Newvegasnexus.com - For being a great community hub.
  • The Children of Cyrodiil Community and supporters - For your support and faith in us, this wouldnt be worthy of being done without you.