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Remember how in Fallout 3 you could stomp and whirr around in power armor? Now you can do this in New Vegas.

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Found it out by accident. I think some of you may appreciate this. This mod restores Power Armor footsteps sounds, just like it was in Fo3. By default most of the PAs in Fallout New Vegas use the heavy armor sound template, so they sound like Metal Armor.

To make power armor footsteps work for Fallout New Vegas you have to do the following:

Make sure your armor uses correct sound set. This issue is mostly corrected in FOOK, Project Nevada and maybe some other mods, so just drop sound files where they belong and you should be fine.

If you do not use any of the above just use the .esp provided in the downloads section.

If you use merged/bashed patch things are a little bit trickier. The easiest way is to correct it in FNVEdit by editing merged/bashed patch. Download and read the tutorial.

Kerghan made the sound files and let me use them, so you don't have to split open Fallout 3 and rip them out. You seriously should thank that guy for saving you a lot of effort.

There is a 'minigun loop glitch' - sometimes sounds are not played. If that occurs, just stop and start moving again.