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Few workaround fixes for the Pipboy Readius mod.

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This mod is no longer maintained.

This is ONLY an updated .esp that tries to address a few of the minor problems with the Pipboy Readius.
NO other resources from the original mod is included.
You still need to download it from here:
All credits goes to the original authors, AlexScorpion and Brianide.


IMPORTANT: The update requires the new version of NVSE (v2 beta 12 or later).
Thanks to schlangster for the weapon mod functions he has contributed with.
Download it from here: http://nvse.silverlock.org

This update tries to better handle modded weapons. It will use an alternative light fix when a modded weapon is equipped and drawn, to avoid the extra holstering animation and sound that otherwise happens when equipping something in the Pipboy slot.

There is also an additional menu in the default Readius menu. If you for some reason no longer have the Readius menu item, under the Aid items category, the console code to add it is "player.additem xx0010A0 1" (replace xx with your mod index).

The options available:

- You can decide to turn off the alternative light fix for modded weapons.
- - While the alternative light fix is on the Readius will not show up in your hand during the opening animation when you have a modded weapon equipped and drawn. The Pipboy buttons (Stats, Items, Data) will also not shine when opening the Readius.
- - If the alternative light fix is turned off, the Readius will be opened the normal way even if you have a modded weapon equipped and drawn. This will make modded weapons do an extra holstering animation when opening the Readius.

- You can decide to turn on re-equipping of modded weapons.
- - By default this option is off. Modded weapons will not be re-equipped when closing the Readius or loading a game.
- - If the option to re-equip modded weapons is turned on, the script will unequip and re-equip your current weapon when ever you close the Readius or load a game while having a modded weapon equipped. This to automatically try to fix things like laser sights, instead of you having to do it manually by binding your weapon to a hotkey.


[size=+1]These are the fixes that are the purpose of this upload:[/size]

- The Pipboy light will work after the game has loaded, without having to open and close the Readius once.

- The Pipboy light will still shine after loading a savegame where it was on.

- The Pipboy light will not turn itself off when closing the Readius.

- The Readius will be visible in your hand during the whole opening animation.

- The Pipboy buttons (Stats, Items, Data) will still shine when opening the Readius.

- Weapons will mostly stay on the right hand side when closing the Readius.

- Opening and closing (equipping/unequipping) of the Readius is now more silent.

Known issues:

- If you release the Pipboy button the exact moment before the light would turn on, the game still turns the light on (tiny delay). The Readius will then show up in your hand a few seconds and then be removed again, cause it didn't realise the light had changed.

- Not all cases with the weapon being on the left side has been fixed. That's cause this is such a simple workaround, I don't know how to fix the actual issue. Playing normally this should still fix most cases of it. Exceptions are:
- - When drawing your weapon after closing the Readius and you haven't moved or turned.
- - When opening the Readius in 3rd person and going back to 1st without moving or turning.
- - When crouching/sneaking.

- Modded weapons seem to play an extra holstering animation when opening/closing the Readius.