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Suitably lore-friendly, tough, and sexy version of the Merc Adventurer outfit. Comes in two versions, jeans and shorts, balanced DT and slightly enhanced skill boosts. Available behind the Gas Station in Goodsprings for your tough chick to start some @#$% in the wastes. New version includes War Child outfit.

Permissions and credits
Update to Version 5 -- Remapped the textures for the static magnum pistol in the gunbelt, so it no longer conflicts with Millenia's Weapon Retexture Project. (at least, so I hope) I've also put in a version of the Milf that has no gunbelt.

This Mod has been incorporated along with all of my others into my compilation, called Kristina's Closet.
Downloadable here: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/47059

This mod adds an outfit set called the tough girl, based on the concept of the merc adventurer outfit. I made it as a mashup for my main character in the story called the Forgotten Past, and it was liked so I redid it from scratch with usable assets. It comes in two versions: jeans and shorts. It has a static, unusable gun in the hoster on the left side, for decoration only. I had thoughts of making that holster hold your real gun, but due to the different angles and sizes of different weapons I opted not to. I moved it to the other hip so that the real gun you're carrying doesn't clip through the prop one.

There are 5 copies of both outfits in an oversized ammo crate, called Tough Girl Clothes, behind the Gas Station in Goodsprings, where you find Ringo. (at least, I think that's his name, can't remember) The combat stats are the same as the merc adventurer in terms of dt, but I've made it a little hardier, a little more valuable, and beefed up the enchantment slightly. Changed the value of the gun/melee boost to 5, and added a point of luck. I wanted it to be worth wearing, but without making it overpowered.

This one represents a couple of firsts for me. The first practical combatish-wastelandish outfit I've made. The first time I've ever made, from scratch, my own texture with the jeans, and the first time, as well, that I've made my own pipboy icon for something. So I hope you enjoy, and if you do I hope you endorse.

INSTALLATION: Download and unzip the file. Drop the data folder into your New Vegas folder so that it merges with the existing NV Data folder. Allow for merge, nothing should overwrite. Should be FOMM friendly if that's the way you roll.

By default install, your NV folder should be:
c/program files (x86 for win7)/steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas
If you didn't do a default install I assume you probably know where your data folder is.

DEINSTALLATION: In your NV folder, erase the jotoughgirl esp. Find the jonasclothes folders in your textures and meshes folders, and inside both erase the toughgirl folder. If this is the only mod of mine you have, you can erase the whole jonasclothes folders as well. Feel sad

Credits: The gun holster mesh and textures are from the Yoko Littner mod by Backsteppo the great.
Dimon99, and Backsteppo for the Base Type3 body, and narrowed shoulder variant respectfully.
The corset for the War Child outfit is from the Amy Armor by Kurese (R18PN), converted to Type 3 by Bronson
Credit to FO3nexus user VxdVxn for finding the glittery angel wings that appear on the holster.
Credit to Exeter for the shirt on the Milf outfit.

All other assets were pulled and manipulated from the Fallout main texture and mesh BSAs
Thanks to Bethsoft and Obsidian for releasing an open source game
The nexus for being the Nexus
The fans of my story who wanted the outfit.
You, for reading all the way to the end of a readme or file description. Congratulations on being such a rare and wonderful thing!