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A new armour inspired by the Enclave Adv. Mk1. Comes with a helmet that appears on the suits waist when unequipped and a special laser rifle in the armour\'s bak sheath.

Permissions and credits
This mod has been superseeded by my new enclave mod, check that out here :

Greetings Once Again!!

For the past week I've been tinkering away on a project that I've always wanted to have a go at, but never quite got round to. This armour is inspired by the Enclave Adv. Power Armour Mk1 (which should be obvious from the screenshots... or i have failed miserably).

'Ispired by' I must reiterate, its not supposed to be an exact replica.

This mod adds a locker to Bunker number 3 in hiddern valley. This locker contains 3 suits, 3 helmets and 3 Enclave Laser Rifles.

Oh and as some people were finding it diffcult to find the XV armour in my other mod, Doc Michell has a suit, helm and a rifle stored in his house. Of course, unless your cheating, you wont be able to use the armour at the start.. although i suppose the rifle may come in handy...

Features / Stats

The armour itself is roughly comprable to Enclave Armour, with a slightly higher DT, but not significantly. You may look like a tank in it, but try withstanding a rocket and you'll find yourself in peices (well, maybe a couple of rockets...). The armour has a couple of special features realated to the weapon and helmet.

The helmet will normally appear on the suit's belt while you have not got it equipped. Equipping the helmet will remove it from the belt and pop it on your head. Unfortuanly due to the way I've worked this wihout using scripts, if you throw the helmet away, it will still appear on the suit's belt. If you dont want to see the helmet on the waist, equip a chocker.. as thats the node thats used to attach it.

Enclave Rifle
As with the helmet, the rifle is always present in the suits back sheath. If you equip the rifle it will disappear, to reappear back in the sheath once you equip a different weapon. The rifle uses the backpack node so if you are wearing a backpack it will disappear.

Stats wise the rifle is a little more powerful that the normal laser rifle, but has a lower clip capacity and a slightly lower rate of fire.


Extract the esp, meshes and textures folder to your data folder. The mod does not require any other mod to work. For those of you using my Colossus XV mod, this mod contains a lot of its resources, so dont be alarmed if it wishes to overwrite a lot of them.


Delete the EPS and the following folders :
Meshes\Armor\Colosuss PA
Textures\Armor\Colossus PA

This mod nominally be compatible with any other mod. It does not replace any resources or edit any of the original game (with the exception of adding the armour to the game). Overhall mods that significantly alter DT may make this armour excessivly weak or strong (depending on how they work).

Currently there are no visors for PN.

Comments Feedback

If you have technical problems with the mod, please PM me in the first case. If the issue is effecting a lot of people i will post it in the disscission threat. I'd like to avoid filling the thread with intervidual issues. If you have a problem, I'm always happy to help ;)

Feedback and endoresments are much appreciated. This mod has taken me a good 40+ hours, and i have been using resources used by others, and from my previous armours. The amount of time taken is surely work a simple click of the endoresment button eh?


Although there's a seperate section for these, I wanted to thank the authors of assets ive used here in length:

Firstly, thanks to CaBaL for continuing to allow me to use his Born Again textures, without which this mod would look shocking (im really not that good at textures). If you wish to endorse this mod you really should head over to his as well:

Thanks to Weijiesen for allowing me to edit and use his textures to retexture the watts rifle (taken from the most excellant EVE mod)

joefoxx for his excellent Wattz Laser Weapons for fallout 3. Although i have messed with his mesh, there's no way i could have built such a weapon from sctach.

And thanks to brokencrash for the excellent texture for the Ghost Bodysuit taken from his mod here:

Also thanks for the excellent
Ghost body Suit Coverstion - bunsaki (

All the best, and I hope you enjoy the mod