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This mod adds a Nes Zapper Pistol to FNV

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This mod adds a Nes Zapper pistol to the town of Nipton.

Location: Front of Town Hall in a chest

This weapon fires .22 rounds. It is more powerful than a vanilla .22 and LOUDER!

I uploaded a new version 1.1
It now uses ammo and adds reload animation. Old version has unlimited ammo, and is still available to download

This Nes Zapper pistol is originally in the mod Unique Items & Collectables I decided to upload this as an individual mod for those of you not using Unique Items & Collectables. So all you gun freaks/gun collectors can have a go at some Nintendo Power! Try it for a bit of fun!

This mod is not intended to be serious. And is most definitely not lore friendly, but using the Zapper has a fun factor of all its own!

1.copy meshes, textures, and .esp files into the FVN Data Directory

2.check off the Nes Zapper .esp in your mod manager, or check it off in the data section when you first start your game.

3. install complete. play