Fallout New Vegas
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Lets you choose which Courier's Stash/Pre-order packs - if any - are automatically added to your inventory when you start a new game.

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UPDATE 0.5: New version that detects if it has been installed in a game already in progress.  If so, you will not be given a menu asking you to select your packs again.

Per request, I have also added a "blood simple" version of the mod which disables Courier's Stash entirely.
The release of the Courier's Stash DLC opens up the previously exclusive Pre-order Bonus Packs to everyone, making some of the rather awesome items found within much more accessible. Unfortunately, the devs neglected to include any way to select WHICH packs are loaded, meaning that if you start a new game with the Courier's Stash DLC installed you are immediately weighted down by 89.5 pounds of stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like stuff, but that seems like a bit much.

This mod adds a bit of script which immediately disables all of the Pre-order packs when you start a new game and then presents you with a menu that lets you enable ONLY the ones you want. You can receive all of them, none of them, or anywhere in-between. Once you hit "Done!" the selected DLC packs will be handed out as normal, while the others will not.


This mod does NOT require you have all of the Courier's Stash/Pre-order packs in order to work, thanks to the way the main game tracks the Pre-order packs. Importantly, you can use this mod with only one of the Pre-order packs installed and it will work just fine. In fact, you can technically run this mod without ANY Pre-order packs installed, although why you would is beyond me.