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Adds a retextured vault jumpsuit (plus an armoured variety) to NV with a number 2 on it.

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Stable 2/Vault 2 Jumpsuit
by Mattatatta

Version 1.1b


Adds a new jumpsuit with a simple retext of a vault suit to bear the number "2". Great if you like the number 2, even better if you get the whole "Stable" reference.
Choice between a normal jumpsuit, and an armoured variant.


Loosely based on the "Stable 2" suit from the fan fiction "Fallout: Equestria". After making Lil' Macintosh, I felt like tinkering with a vault suit for the 'complete' look.

Currently, the armour can only be obtained by starting a new game, or through console commands. It is given to you by Doc Mitchell after the character creation process, shortly before heading out into Goodsprings for the first time.

There are two types to choose from. There is the normal jumpsuit, and the armoured version.
If you don't want to start a new game, the jumpsuit can be added to your inventory via console by typing "player.additem xx000ADD 1". The armoured jumpsuit can be acquired the same way with the same command.

The Stable 2 Jumpsuit boasts a +5 to Lockpick and Repair skills, similar to standard Vault Utility Jumpsuits. Other than that, it is a basic vault suit.
The Armoured Stable 2 Jumpsuit has a +5 to Lockpick, Repair, Guns and Energy Weapons. However, I'm likely to change this in later updates. It's weight is 12, and it's DT is a modest 8.


1. Drag the "Textures" folder and either "Stable2Jumpsuit.esp" OR "Stable2Armoured.esp" file into the Data folder of you New Vegas directory
2. Activate the esp with FOMM or a similar plugin manager.
3. Play a new game, or enter the console command in-game.
4. Enjoy the retexture that took me far too long to do.


1. Deactivate and remove the esp
2. Remove the files installed by this mod.

There is only one in-universe way of getting a jumpsuit without cheating, and that's through starting a new character. I aim to change this in future with optional, standalone plugins.
The Armoured Stable 2 Jumpsuit currently has the Vault 21 icon that the armour was originally based on. I'll be correcting this later on, too.


Mattatatta for the retexture and plugin
Kkat for writing "Fallout: Equestria"