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Adds the weapon of choice of Littlepip, Little Macintosh, to New Vegas

Permissions and credits
Lil' Macintosh for Fallout: New Vegas
by Mattatatta

Based on a weapon of the same name from "Fallout: Equestria".
Read Fallout: Equestria today!

Version 1.2

A conversion of my Lil' Macintosh mod for Fallout 3.
Adds a new, unique 44. Magnum to the world of New Vegas, intended for
early acquisition in the game.

The revolver has improved, but balanced stats when compared to the
vanilla .44 Revolver. It can give an edge in battle at the start
of the game, and be a powerful enough weapon to see one to the end of the
Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

A quick and simple conversion of my Fallout: Equestria mod. Lil' Mac is a scoped 44.
revolver bearing three apples on the ivory handle (referring to the
original owner). The stats are slightly tweaked, making it more powerful
than a normal .44 Revolver, but weaker than the Mysterious Magnum. Item HP
has been boosted to reflect the sturdiness of the gun it is based on.

This gun has NO upgrade options. It is already fitted with a scope, and
the increased item HP negates the need for frame upgrades.

It is fully compliant with the Cowboy perk, and can be smuggled into Casinos with a
very high Sneak skill.

The weapon can be found in Primm. Go to the Sheriff's office and look for
his safe. 25 Lockpicking is required, DO NOT FORCE THE LOCK, as there is no
key to unlock the safe if you fail. Inside the safe is a handful of 44. ammo to
get started with, as well as some .357 and 20. Gauge ammo. There is also
the original "Note To Braeburn" from the Fallout: Equestria mod (the note itself is
taken from the fan fic the gun is based on), and a second note explaining
how the revolver got from D.C. to Nevada.

In version 1.2, the note "A Note To Braeburn" has been fully voice acted, to be
more faithful to the original story. Credits go to Hannah May for her voicework,
and RadioHooves for giving me permission to use the audio for this mod.


- If you are updating from an older version, then remove the old LilMacNV.esp before
installing the new files. You do not need to remove the meshes or textures, they are
the same as the new version.

- Drag and drop the contents of the Data folder of the archive in the Data folder
of you New Vegas installation.

- Use FOMM to check the LilMacNV.esp and enable it.


- I recommend starting a new game when installing this version, because this new version
removes an old note and adds a new audio note. If you do not want to start a new game,
then this version should still work, but I cannot be held responsible for any weirdness that
may occur.


- Unequip and store Lil Macintosh away somewhere.

- Disable the .esp with FOMM

- Use the mod archive to find out where the files are stored. And delete them from your New
Vegas installation.


The audio is derived from a radio adaptation of Fallout Equestria, written and produced
by RadioHooves

Hannah May - For her voicework.

Mattatatta - For creating this mod and the Fallout 3 version

Kkat - For writing Fallout: Equestria.