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A mod that adds trees or/and grass to New Vegas landscape.

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ESPs: Trees & Grass

***New thingy***

This is the new grass main. It adds, imho, good looking grass to the game and works awesome with trees
If you have a slower computer it might put you a few frames back but if you like the look and REALLY want to use it what you can do is..
Go into Fallout.ini and change iMinGrassSize=80 to 100
The stress should be gone and grass although not as dense as before will still look good.
Also textures i include aren't neccesary for mod to work, so if you wanna experiment delete one or both cause maybe you'll like vanilla grass better.
Hope you like and have fun!


This is a small mod, consider it alpha release, that adds trees to the landscape.
This is an early stage of a mod i'm making that will be a complete redo of landscape similar to what i did in F3 with Their World.
Figured id release the tree part for people that might want to use it.
Anyways this is an early version so probably isn't the best but it's not to bad.
Hope you like it ;)
This is the grass part, if you extract and enable esp, you will get greener and more plentiful grass.
Probably works best combined with Trees as it's otherwise bit out of place in vanilla game.
So if you want more grass to go with trees, use this :)
Keeping it separate so it can combine with whatever mods you please.
INSTALL: extract to data folder and enable the esp.
DEINSTALL: delete everything you extracted :)