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Fallout NV Bighorner Ultra Hhigh Resolution Texture

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Publish date: Sept 06, 2011


First you have to be archiveinvalidated, this is necessary for most mods so if you have other ones working, you're probably invalidated already.

If you aren't then go there to see how to do it, this isn't the only thread on how to do it, you can google for other solutions:


There are 3 options to installing this texture pack:

1) Copy the Data folder from this package to your New Vegas folder (the folder that has a "Data" folder in it) and say yes to overwriting/merging the Data folder.

2) .. or copy the Textures folder from this folder to your New Vegas's Data folder and say yes to overwriting/merging the existing Textures folder if it asks you.

3) .. or follow these steps:

a) Create a Textures folder in your New Vega's Data folder if it doesn't already exist
b) Create a creatures folder in that Textures folder if it doesn't already exist
c) Create a bighorner folder in that creatures folder if it doesn't already exist
d) Copy the bighorner.dds and bighorner_n.dds files from this package (Data/Textures/creatures/bighorner) and paste them in to that bighorner folder

If you only want the texture and not the normals map then delete the bighorner_n.dds file from the bighorner folder, it will then use the original normals map.

Once the files are in there then look at a bighorner. You should be able to get right up close and see all the individual hairs.


Remove the bighorner folder from New Vegas' /Data/Textures/creatures/ folder, or if you have something in that folder you want then just remove these two files from the folder: bighorner.dds and bighorner_n.dds


The texture and bump are 4096x4096 each so if your machine doesn't have good specs you may experience slow downs when looking at the bighorners. I wanted to generate different res version of the texture/normals
but my .dds plugin died so I wasn't able to.

They are saved as DXT5 ARGB 8bpp alpha.

There are only 6 mipmaps per texture. I figure if you're using this to start with you don't need to worry about having a 16x16 pixel mipmap.

The specular map is basic and based off the finished texture without any custom painting on it.

I only tested this on my i7-920 + Radeon 5970 and it runs smooth here with the other HD packs installed so I have no idea how it'll run on other systems.


I made the texture in the few months following NV's release but didn't upload it because I wanted to create a normal map to go with it.

The painting for the texture itself was done mostly in Photoshop. Most of the seams were matched up by using Photoshop's 3d functionality with a bighorner model and a UV map layer wrapped around it so I could draw bright marks on seams and later find them in 2D view to line up my textures.

Creating the normal map was fun because the model is organic which makes seams that don't match up easier to see. I spent weeks working on the normal map trying to find a solution to my seam prob but didn't find one before I ran out of time on the project. The difficulty wasn't so much creating a seamless normal map as it was creating a seamless normal map which matched the seams of the model used in the game.

To detail the normal map I worked on a 10 million polygon version of the bighorner starting with making an impressioned of the finished texture on the model and then sculpting from there. I could have made the normal map a lot better but I just wanted to get this out there so I rendered off a normal map without fine tuning it.


There is no warranty.

You use this at your own risk.

I only tested this on one machine.

Don't publish changes to the textures without putting a link back to this initial copy.