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Adds a Survival Knife to the New Vegas World.

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Adds a Survival Knife to the New Vegas World.



New Vegas Script Extender


Survival Knife:

The Survival Knife is designed after Rambo's knife in the Rambo movies. This knife cannot be repaired by any other weapon. However it can be repaired using the knife sharpener (see below). Everthing dealing with the Survival Knife is based on your survival skill. If you get your survival skill to 100 you will be able to do the unique melee vats attach which has a damage multiplier of 500 so it should kill about everything it one hit. Other than the unique melee attack the knife is pretty basic. The main thing it adds are the different items that can be found in the survival knife handle (Survial Knife Supplies).

Survival Knife Supplies:

Note: The Survival Supplies will not be available unless your Survival Knife is equipped.
Note: The Survival Supplies have their on creation menu.
Note: The Survival Supplies menu might take a sec to load the first time after restarting the game.

Your Survival Knife Supplies include the following:

1. Items to create a Tripwire

The Tripwires are very handy traps. The Tripwires can be created an then armed with several different types of explosives. The explosives include the following Frag Grenade, Pulse Grenade, Stun Grenade, Gas Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Mini Nuke. The tripwires will only go off if they have been armed. They will also disappear after 1 day and your items will be retured to your inventory if they have not be tripped. I added this in case a tripwire could not be armed for some reason. Also menu items will not appear if you do not have the required items.

Note: The tripwire when placed will horizontal to the direction you are facing. It also will work best if it is placed on a level surface. If not placed on a level surface one side might stick up in the air or under the surface.

2. Items to build a Campfire

The Campfire Supplies pretty much are make shift matches (cigarettes). I figured I didn't need to include wood because Rambo could find wood pretty much anywhere. The campfire will not only allow you create all the normal items a campfire can create but also to cook the fish you caught and cauterize you wounds. If you cook your fish it will turn them into "cooked fish" which will include a +3 INT for 1 hour. The other two options are cauterize your wounds using rifle powder or using pistol powder. The rifle powder will require 50 powder to cauterize your wounds and the amount you are healed is based on your survival skill. The pistol powder will require 75 powder to cauterize your wounds and the amount you are healed is based on your survival skill. The campfire will disappear after 1 day. Also menu items will not appear if you do not have the required items.

3. A Knife Sharpener

The Knife Sharpener is used to repair your knife. The amount your knife is repaired is based on your survival skill.

4. Fishing Line

The Fishing Line can be used to catch fish in the Calville Bay area. It can only be used in the Calville
Bay area. You actually don't see the player fishing you will just see a message of what was caught and it is added to your inventory. There is a new Fish ingestable item added to the game. Not only will you catch fish you might also drag up some other item that was discarded in Calville Bay. There are about 65 other types of items that could be caught other than fish. Some are useful some are not. The fishing line could break in which case you will need to make another. The likely hood it will break is based upon your survival skill. The higher your survival skill the less likely it will break.

5. Check Item Quantity

This will allow you to see how many tripwires and campfire supplies you have along with if your fishing line is broken or not.



The location of the Survival Knife is stuck in the sign next to Captain Dean Boat Rentals



Place the esp file in your data directory and select the data file when fallout new vegas is started.

This file modifies the CalvilleBay cell so if will need to be added after any other mod to that cell.



Just uncheck the esp file when fallout is started and delete the esp file from the data folder