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About this mod

This mod adds a new outfit to the game, called the Wasteland Seeker Armor (obviously). Look inside for details.

Permissions and credits

I have done my best to fix the issues present in v1.0. I'm certain I've gotten rid of the issue where the armor clips through into first-person view when equipping a pistol, and I've repositioned the characters wearing the armors as well as removing their actor packages to see if this solves the issue with their bodies not showing up properly. I can't confirm this will work since they showed up just fine in my game before as well, but it's all I can think of right now.

Also, in v1.1 I've integrated the optional location into the main plugin. This means that a box containing the armors is present in the main plugin, HOWEVER, I've changed the location so you cannot get to it without using a console command. The reason I merged the plugins is to avoid cluttering the download page with optional files, and it also makes it easier for me to test the armor. I'll get into the details below.

= Version History =


- Fixed an issue where parts of the armor clips through in first-person view while having a pistol equipped
- Added an optional plugin without gloves for compatibility reasons
- Changed the location of the optional container for the armor
- Fixed the masked version of the hood so it muffles the voice of whoever wears it, as was originally intended
- Tweaked the masked version of the hood so the mask is larger, making the nose clipping through much less likely
* Fixed the issue with the sleeve clipping into the regular Pipboy
* Finally got a fix up that's likely to solve the issue of the bodies wearing the armor not appearing (big thanks to One_eyebrow_priest for the fix)


- Intitial release
* Added an optional version of the model that removes the gaps caused by transparent textures (fix by darstyler)

= The Armor =

"The Wasteland Seeker Armor is a lightweight outfit customized from a combination of various apparel items, reinforced fabric and padded leather plates. It is designed to allow freedom of movement while protecting the wearer from the fury of the elements, and the indistinctive brown coloring provides an effective camouflage in desert environments."

The armor itself is not very powerful, seeing as it consists mainly of cloth and leather components. It's a bit stronger than Leather Armor, so you won't have to fear being cut up by some Freeside junkie with a rusty kitchen knife, but don't expect to go running headlong into a firefight and come out of it unscathed. There are a few bonuses to make up for the lack of protection, designed to be helpful within realistic bounds.

Oh, and you can repair it with Merc and Merchant clothing.

= Location =

Look around Sloan - there should be a note indicating the armor's location. I'll give you a hint; I like omelets and Nuka-Cola. ;)

As of v1.1 there is a box in Goodsprings containing the armor. It's stuck in the chimney of Doc Mitchell's house (note, the chimney as in that thing on the roof, NOT the fireplace), so you will have to use the TCL console command to get to it.

In the old version of the mod there is an optional plugin that changes Veronica's outfit and hood to use the Wasteland Seeker models. I haven't included this in v1.1 because I haven't changed anything about it, and besides, if you want her to wear it you can just give her the armor. Its DT should be high enough for her to prioritize it over her own robes.

And finally, by suggestions and popular request, here are the Base IDs for the items (thank you, turkmc):

= Known Bugs/Issues =

- Clipping. I know, it's annoying as hell, but I can't rig meshes. I've done my best to make it as inconspicuous as possible, but it will still occur during certain animations.
- Some people have reported that the armor doesn't show up in the location indicated by the note. I've tried fixing this, but I can't confirm that it works yet.
- Nothing else that I've found while testing it out, but report any you find and I'll try to fix them. Assuming it's within my capability to do so.

= Compatibility =

In the main plugin the armor has gloves that don't cover the fingers of the wearer, which will cause an issue with ST Robot Race mod since the models for the gloves were based on human hands. I've added an optional plugin which removes the gloves for this reason. I know of no other compatibility issues, but report any you find and I'll see if I can do anything about it.


Extract the contents of the mod archive to your fallout new vegas\Data folder and check the plugin either in the Data Files tab in the launcher or in Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM).


Uncheck the plugin and remove the files added by this mod.


Bethesda & Obsidian - for the base meshes and textures used in creating the armor

darstyler - for fixing the gaps caused by invisible textures (thanks a bunch, couldn't have done it myself ^^)

One_eyebrow_priest - for finding and solving the issue with the bodies wearing the armors not appearing for some people

Me - for armor concept and design

= Author's Notes =

If you like the mod, or feel it could be improved upon, feel free to drop a comment. Just try to keep any suggestions constructive, and remember that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I'm not a particularily skilled modder.

If you want to use the armor in your own mod, please ask my permission first. I will most likely grant a polite request, but I want to know where my blood, sweat and tears are going to show up.

And if I forgot anything, it's probably not that important. Still, I'll answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.

Well, I think that's all. Enjoy the mod, and be sure to comment if you do.

~ Zeus_II