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Allows you to select a Robot as a race at character creation. Also includes robot friendly traits/perks/items/etc.

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[size=+2]ST Robot Race[/size]
- - -

Just a note for people. Small mistake with the ST Robot Rce v2 file. Nothing major.
Texture path for perk icons in the folder is:
Should be:

You will need to move them to their proper location, to get them to show up.

/Added a fixed mesh for the War-Sentry body, it corrects some unsightly stretching during animations.

/V2.1 of STRobot-Core.esm, A quick fixed version. Perks Proper Protocol and Scavenger had broken conditions which prevented you from taking them.

/Version 2.0 of STRobot-Core.esm is out. I'm leaving previous addons up, but please note they will not work with the new Core.esm. Updated versions of relevant add-ons are released as well.

- - -

I initially set out to make a Dog race and do a Littlest Wastelander play through, but somehow ended up with Robots. Read on to learn more.

- - -

The Basic Deployable Intelligence Unit (B.D.I. Unit) a.k.a The Buddy. One of Acme's last market pushes before the end.

Contrary to the usual design philosphy of extremely durable and long-lasting machines, like General Atomics' Mr. Handy, the Buddy was designed to corner the market for cheap and easier to maintain robots.

The Buddy, was a modular construction based on the most readily available parts (this of course had in no way to do with the supposed part surplus Acme was suffering) allowing it to be maintained or cannibalized easily.

Receiving its initial release a few short years before the bombs fell, it was marketed to homes and businesses that could not afford the regular upgrade cycles of more expensive machines and to the military that didn't want to spend more than necessary on a machine that was just going to be shot anyway.

The B.D.I. Unit is a rare sight in the wasteland, as most have broken down and been scavenged for parts, though a few are still functional.

Acme also released the Modular Articulated Robotic Intelligence Aide a.k.a The Maria. Essentially a B.D.I. unit with a gender-defined shell grafted onto it, Acme executives announced the product a rousing success and that acronyms were fun.

Like the Buddy, it received a widespread release shortly before the War to military, home, and business concerns that were looking a cheaper alternative. Now, with most having succumb to the ravages of war and time, the Maria is a novel encounter in the wasteland.

- - - -
- - - -

This mod enables you to select a Robot Race at character selection.

Along with looking like a machine, there are a few more changes to help you feel like a machine. Traits, Perks, and new Aid items.
For those that want to play hardcore, you still have to worry about Dehydration, etc. but the changes simulate (but not rename) that Dehydration is now energy, starvation is essentially physical condition, and sleep is well still sleep.

As a machine you receive the following inherent attributes:
  • Increasing the Repair skill will now give a corresponding boost to healing received (roughly equal to what an equal amount of Medicine would provide).
  • Medicine will no longer provide better healing to your Robot. (Note: I only altered the Healing Received portion. So Medicine still increases the duration of Aid items as normal)
  • +8 DT
  • +20% Limb Resistance
  • Poison Immunity
  • +25 Rad Resist
  • Water Breathing
  • Vulnerability to EMP Effects
  • -1 Charisma
  • *Immunity to most Chems/Food(I made this optional, but it really is the proper balance to the positive attributes)

Robot Only Traits (The first four are based on the ones for the Humanoid Robot from Fallout Tactics)

Beta Software - FORMID: XX0024B7
You gain an additional tag skill, but at the beginning of combat you have a 10% chance to glitch out and be paralyzed for a few seconds.

Precision Machine - FORMID: XX0021D2
You gain 10% Damage Resistance, but receive 15% less healing.

Targeting Computer - FORMID: XX0058A1
You gain +15% To Hit, but suffer 20% penalty to AP cost.

EMP Shielding - FORMID: XX0058A0
You receive less damage from EMP effects, but suffer -10% Attack Speed.

War Machine - FORMID: XX005E61
This will give you the War-Sentry body. Your inherent DT is raised to 20. you gain +50 Carry Weight and you have full Radiation Resistance. You cannot wear armor and you suffer a -20% experience gain penalty.
(Note: The War-Sentry body is actually a piece of armor, it is scripted so that if you ever manage to unequip it will re-equip. Also there is clipping/stretching with some animations. It is serviceable, but not perfect.)

Robot Only Perks

lvl 2
Power Adapter - FORMID: XX004759
Crouch and activate an appropriate power source to receive a short bout of minor health gain. You can activate, Generators / Electric Switches / Ham Radios. It is about 100 some objects throughout the Mojave.
(This was meant to be the Robot equivalent of the water sources a human character would have access to)
(HARDCORE: Will refresh your dehydration/sleep levels a large amount)

lvl 4
C.D.K. Compliant - FORMID: XX0038D9
REQ:Neutral or Evil Karma
+15% damage to humans

Scavenger - FORMID: XX0052DE
You are more likely to find the new healing items from defeated robots and power armour users.

M.E.G.A. Machine - 2 Ranks FORMID: XX0021D7
You will gain the Modular Extensible Gun Arm and the M.E.G.A. Interface device.
The Interface device is an Aid item, that will open a Menu that lets you choose which M.E.G.A. configuration you want.

At 1st Rank, you may choose between Ballistic and Energy configurations.
Both have a knockback effect on a Crit.
Ballistic may use most pistol ammo.
Energy may use most energy ammo.

At 2nd Rank, you gain access to Launcher and Burner configurations
Launcher is essentially a Missile Launcher.
Burner is essentially an Incinerator.

All configurations count as holdout weapons.

lvl 6
Reinforced Chassis - FORMID: XX00331C
2 Ranks; Each rank adds +10% Damage Resistance.

lvl 8
Proper Protocol - FORMID: XX002A76
All robots will be neutral to you.

lvl 14
Polarized Plating - FORMID: XX004473
+10% Radiation Resistance, +15% Damage Resistance to Energy Weapons.

What is Love? - FORMID: XX0035FB
You gain +15% To Hit and +5 Crit Chance, when targeting an enemy's legs from long range.

lvl 24
Overclocker - FORMID: XX004475
REQ: Repair >=60, Science >=70
You gain the Turbo effect for a few seconds at the start of combat.

New Robot Only Aid Items

All the items have been proliferated through the game world, you should discover them in logical to find places.
All items have associated recipes.

  • Microfusion Charge Pack / Microfusion Charge Pack, Over Charge / MicroFusion Charge Pack, Max Charge
  • (HARDCORE: Will replenish Dehydration/Sleep)
  • Scrap Metal / Scrap Electronics / Sensor Module / Wonderglue / Duct Tape / Conductor -
  • (These are Aid item counterparts to the Misc versions. Recipes allow you to convert them back and forth as needed)
    (HARDCORE: Will replenish Starvation)
  • Spare Parts -
  • (Middle of the road healing item)
    (HARDCORE: Will replenish Starvation)
  • Quickfix Repair Patch / Quickfix Super Patch -
  • (Stimpak and Super Stimpak replacement respectively)
    (HARDCORE: Will replenish Starvation)
  • RobCo Toolkit -
  • (Doctor's Bag equivalent)

Repair Interface: You will get an Aid item "::Repair Interface::". This opens up a menu that will let you direct the use of Quick-Fix Repair Patches (HARDCORE: Robco Toolkits) to a limb. You won't receive the effect until you close your Pipboy.

Robot Armors

Not all armors work well with the Robot body (especially the female Robot). I reworked some of armors/outfits with the Robot body (No more need to rely on Tailor Maid and Satchels, but you should still download them because they are excellent.)
All armors can be converted at a Work Bench. Both the armors and the recipes are pre-fixed with "B.D.I.C." for ease of finding them.
Note that to keep the crafting list clean, the recipes will appear only when you have the appropriate armor in your inventory.
  • B.D.I.C. Combat Armor - REQ: Combat Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Combat Armor, Black - REQ: Combat Armor, Black
  • B.D.I.C. Leather Armor - REQ: Leather Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Leather Armor, Duster - REQ: Leather Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Sheriff Duster - REQ: Sheriff Duster
  • B.D.I.C. Bounty Hunter Duster - REQ: Bounty Hunter Duster
  • B.D.I.C. Leather Armor, Reinforced - REQ: Leather Armor, Reinforced
  • B.D.I.C. Raider Painspike Armor - REQ: Raider Painspike Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Raider Junk Armor (Liked it enough I recreated it) - REQ: Any Raider Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Merc Charmer Outfit - REQ: Merc Charmer Outfit
  • B.D.I.C. Merc Adventurer Outfit - REQ: Merc Adventurer Outfit
  • B.D.I.C. Merc Veteran Outfit - REQ: Merc Veteran Outfit
  • B.D.I.C. Merc Grunt Outfit - REQ: Merc Grunt Outfit
  • B.D.I.C. Merc Cruiser Outfit - REQ: Merc Cruiser Outfit
  • B.D.I.C. Well-Heeled Gambler Suit - REQ: Well-Heeled Gambler Suit or Fancy Gambler Suit
  • B.D.I.C. Formal Wear - REQ: Formal Wear or White Glove Society Attire
  • (Faction armors; These will not hide your faction. You're a robot, not exactly the blending type)
  • B.D.I.C. Legion Centurion Armor - REQ: Legion Centurion Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Legion Recruit Armor - REQ: Legion Recruit Armor
  • B.D.I.C. Great Khan Suit Armor - REQ: Great Khan Suit Armor

Screenshot of the alt armors in the gallery.

- - - -
- - - -

Included as an optional add-on because it makes changes to most ingestible items.

This will make your Robot immune to most chems and food.

There are a few exceptions from the immunity,
  • Rad-Away
  • Fixer (just in case)
  • Potatoes (because it seemed funny at the time)

You will no longer be able to receive healing from most Doctors, instead you get the same services from those NPCs that can repair.
Here is a list of said Repair NPCs in the Mojave-
  • Dale Barton - Fortification Hill
  • Samuel Kerr - 188 Trading Post
  • Calamity - Jacobstown
  • Old Lady Gibson - Gibson Scrap Yard
  • Mick - Mick & Ralph's
  • Paladin Sato - Brotherhood of Steel safehouse
  • Raul Tejada - Black Mountain / Raul's Shack (He will only offer to repair you when his regular repair services are available.)
  • Major Knight - Mojave Outpost

- - - -
- - - -

Buddy-5, a basic companion using the B.D.I. body.

B.D.I. unit parts are spread around the Mojave, collect all five of them and you'll be able to construct your very own Buddy.

Companion is voiced and companion wheel enabled.

Buddy-5 is equally proficient with ranged and melee weapons.
He grants the player the Mine-Detecting Soles perk (it is essentially Light Step).
As a robot he is immune to poison and has a decent amount of inherent DT and damage resistance.

More details in the STRobot_Companion_Readme.

Voice provided by Cepstral-David trial. (Cepstral because I apparently already had it bookmarked.)

- - - -
- - - -

Put this together due to requests. When playing as a Robot, it changes the default hit/death/powerattack player voice (male and female) to more robot like sounds.

These sounds were taken from the other robots in the game, as such they are masculine in tone. So, if you'd rather your female robot sounded more feminine don't install this or delete/replace the sound files in Sound/Voice/STRobot-VoicePack.esp/PlayerVoiceFemale with blank sound files(or alternate sounds of your choice.)

- - - -
[size=+1.5]IMPORTANT NOTES:[/size]
- - - -

1) You technically don't have a head. Couldn't get the mesh to work as a head proper. So the work around is that your Race head is essentially invisible, and a quest script gives and equips a helmet to act as your head. It works out in a funny sort of way, because as a robot, you can take off your head. Though sadly it means your robot can't have a mustache.

2) Fingerless gloves don't look quite right with the Robot hands. For the pipglove use a pipglove remover mod or a Pipboy replacer like The Pip-Boy 2500 or Readius. The script that gives you your head will also give you a set of gloves that use the Robot hands mesh, this way you'll never have to worry about odd looking fingers.

3) The Robot comes in three colours, Utlity Blue, Army Green (Green is the Default), and RobCo Red.
To change the colour of your Robot, go to Textures/Characters/Robot/.
Then rename Diffuse_V01_red.dds or Diffuse_V01_blu.dds to Diffuse_V01.dds
For the head rename Head_Diffuse_V01_blu.dds or Head_Diffuse_V01_red.dds to Head_Diffuse_V01.dds

If you would like a wider selection of colours, I strongly recommend checking out Vastias' Retextures for STs Robot Race

4) All accesories (Hats, sunglasses, etc) still show up. To gussy up your bot, I'd recommend downloading Tailor Maid and Satchels, also LexFONVClothingIPonchos. Most accessories work without clipping (the NCR sunglasses do clip a little). Bands around the arms or legs will look off, as again the limbs aren't shaped to the default human body.

5) As long as the armor doesn't sport bare arms or chest, there shouldn't be a problem (though there are a couple of exceptions).

6) The toggle to be considered a Robot for the perks/items/repair/Chemimmunity/etc, is based on the attribute perk. So, if you wanted to gain the benefits of being a Robot but wanted to use a different race, you just need add it via the console.
Attribute Perk Form ID is:

7) Replacement Hands. There is some justified criticisms of the default hands for the male Robot. I included a folder with the Core.esm, that holds an optional replacement. These Replacement Hands are just the Vault Security gloves, but they look okay.

- - - -
[size=+1.5]OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF:[/size]
- - - -
The body/head Meshes/Textures for the Robot were modified by me and came from the "I am Robot" mod by CrushOverwrite.
The hand meshes were from the "I am Robot" mod by CrushOverWrite.

The mesh for the Gun Arm came from rjtwins excellent, Arm Mounted Weapons mod and was slightly modified by me.

The Female Robot head incorporates a modified Wasteland Journeyman Helm by Zeus_II.
The Female Robot body incorporates modified pieces of the Type 3 Riot Armor by Shadowtroop, which is based on the Riot Armor by Geonox.

The War-Sentry body uses pieces from Q's Critter Resource and C.I.B.s Robots Aliens and Supermutants Resource Pack. and a bit of the robot from "I am Robot" mod by CrushOverwrite.

Special Thanks
To the Vault, for all that Fallout goodness
To all those involved in creating the Fallout games.
Nexus for giving a space for the mods.
Nexus contributors for fostering a sharing community.
To the letter Q.

- - - -
- - - -
Extract the contents of the folder to your \Data folder in your New Vegas directory. Then enable the plugins.
If you want to use the replacement hands, extract the contained Meshes folder to your \Data folder in your New Vegas Directory and overwrite.