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This mod adds a Saiga-12 to Fallout New Vegas

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Saiga-12 - By Pickinthebanjo

- IMPORTANT - Read the install notes.

This mod adds a Saiga-12 Semi-automatic shotgun to Fallout New Vegas, the weapon is available for purchase at most vendors as are it's mod-kits (Sniper rifle silencer, Assault Rifle Magazines, Varmint Rifle Night Sight). The Saiga-12 has an 8 round magazine capacity as well as the ability to attach a silencer, 20rd drum magazine, Aimpoint sight. The Aimpoint sight uses an amber lens for twilight conditions.

The weapons are available at most vendors, it has been added to everywhere a Riot Shotgun can spawn including Elite Rangers, Legionaries, Great Khans, Omertas cash room guard has a 50% chance of spawning one, and anyone else that might have a chance of spawning one.

Ogramirad also added it to all the same lists as the Riot Shotgun is on, including the Shotgun Surgeon list.

Feel free to post your own In-Game pics, no verification is necessary

Installation and Requirements:

This mod does not have any requirements Though if you are using the versions with Fore-Grips than you will require Weapon animation replacers.

- Copy contents into New Vegas folder and enable the .esp with FOMM or the NV launcher

Load Order:

Saiga-12 should be placed early in your mod order to ensure full compatibility with all other mods.

Load Order:

1.) Fallout New Vegas.esm (Requires Latest version)
2.) Saiga-12.esp
3.) All other mods

Compatibility and Conflicts:

This mod should be fully compatible with all other mods.

Report All Bugs.