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Added: 25/08/2011 - 01:40PM
Updated: 23/09/2011 - 05:00AM

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Last updated at 5:00, 23 Sep 2011 Uploaded at 13:40, 25 Aug 2011

I'd like to say thanks to all the support you guys have been giving this mod!! Love the comments, even if only to report bugs it helps. Anyways...

Want a new home? Tired of your old one? Well then look no further. Blood Den Home has everything you need... and while no we may not have sorting containers, we have a ton of them for YOU to put things in. (I find too many bugs with various mods to warrant adding them, Maybe in the future) So what is Blood Den Home? What does it have? Are You one of those people who like to bring home strange people from the wasteland but don't trust them much? Well now Blood Den Home 1.4 will solve all security Issues! No more wondering if that Fiend you befriended is going to stab you in the back, lock him up with a protector and watch your worries go running (Along with any hostiles). Curious? ... well... look below :)

NEW AS OF 1.4.3 I'd like to apologize to previous users as I'm not sure how to create a work-around short of starting a new game with the new File name. But I've changed the default file name to make it easier to switch between versions/to match the mod name.

PREVIOUS USERS: can of course go on renaming any file I release to the version they have to avoid issues.

NEW USERS: I strongly recommend leaving the file name as it is, as this will make it easier for you to update when I patch and or switch between versions without having any issues.

If you are having issues with the hatch, you must enter through the cave first to unlock it.
(The cave should be in the same rock as the hatch)

NEW TELEPORT SYSTEM ADDED in 1.4! -added a Control Device as well for Quickly getting home.
(Teleporter also has a "Previous Location" setting for getting right back to where you ported home from.)

**ALSO NEW in 1.4 Mood Lit Bedroom with 3 colors, Red/Blue and Green.
A Back Yard with a working Bartender for your drunken Pool Parties!
Home Security, Turrets and Protectors. Lock down Individual Rooms, or All at Once.
DLC and Town Teleporter - Teleport Room
Fully Stocked Armory with containers for storage (Option to remove glass and access weapons coming soon...)
Kitchen with mutliple Fridges for keeping your rodent meat away from your purifieds.
Bedrooms tailored for the 6 Default (Human) Companions
Casino with working chip exchange roulette tables, Blackjack and Slots Machines
Medical Bay/Science Lab
Crafting area with containers for storage - With Boxes for Power Armor Pieces (Powered Power Armor Mod - Mod Not Included)
An Introduction Quest/Area - The Blood Cave

BloodDenHome Additional Lighting - Has a red casino floor, and some extra lighting (Incase you
feel it's too dark)

BloodDenHome Basic - Removes the Backyard and Blood Den Cave for anyone having issues who still wants to enjoy the interior.

http://nvse.silverlock.org/ NVSE
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues

Drag into your data folder and enjoy!

1.4 USERS NOTE. 1.4.2 is recommended as it has fixes to a major bug. I've also avoided changing the file name so updating should be as easy as copy/pasting over the old file. (Still advise you to empty containers) Older versions look below.

NOTE: When Installing over a previous version, rename the .ESP file to the same as your old one and just to be safe you may want to take everything out of containers (Haven't Tested to see if this is an issue)


1.4.3 Fixed multiple backyard doors and floating surface hatch.

1.4.2 MAJOR BUG FIXED, noticed this a while ago but was hoping it was just situational. Creatures in the wasteland were NOT attacking the player. Bug has been delt with.

1.4.1 Fixed a couple floating turrets
** Fixed the lighting in the armory (wasn't turning on after locking down)
**Fixed the companion rooms lighting and added a light to the crafting area.
**Turrets out front fixed to not Attack the nearby NCR unless they are attacked first by player.
**Turrets should also be friendly now to all npcs inside the home/companions.
**Fixed the securitron bots. (Weren't appearing in most rooms) (Incase you're wondering, they are only activated during a lockdown of either a room, or all rooms)

v1.4 ** FIXED BAD HATCH 9/10/2011 7:14am - Reuploaded in BloodDen1-4 and 1-4-RedCasino :D
** Thanks to Forzane for letting me know of the Teleport Room Follower bug.
Should be fixed in 1-4 Now.
**Changed some lights that were causing memory issues. Also added Option version with Red Casino Area.
**Remade Teleporter Control system, Added Mood Lights to bedroom area. Added a Teleporter Controller int he Teleport Room, for easy travel back home from ANYWHERE! Oh, and did I forget to mention TURRETS AND Home DEFENSE :D

v1.3.2 Just Uploaded 8/26/11 6:22 With some Control Panel Changes to prepair for Home Defense Version. As well as adding a Teleport to Surface option.
**Moved entrance to a location more easily accessible early in-game. See pictures for location
Just Reuploaded v1.3.2 with a fix for the Honest Hearts Teleport location.

v1.3.1 Removed the old Control Computer in the Teleport Room adding the options to the Teleporter controls.

v1.3 Adds teleport Locations to the Teleporter for DLC packs.
Lowered the FPS near Armory a bit and also fixed a wire accidently left in the middle of Gannon's Bedroom. (2nd on the left). Also Fixed Slot Machines/Blackjack Dealers.

**Testers/Bug Help/Feedback**


Bethesda for an Awesome Game and making the Geck!