Fallout New Vegas
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Adds a set of lucky spurs to Doc Mitchells house.

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Adds a set of lucky spurs to Doc Mitchells house that can be worn with any clothing. They can be found on top of the vigor machine you set you SPECIALs on.

The lucky spurs are only really lucky if you are walking. They add +1luck but you need to toggle off running. Don't complain, they were a free gift :)

*They use body addon slot 3.

Reason I made this?
Whilst making some tutorial videos I listened to Jungle Jangle about a thousand times when I suddenly realised I did not, in point of fact, 'got spurs'.

1. Download.
2. Extract the files to your /data folder.
3. Make sure you check 'I Got Spurs.esp' in your load order.