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Free the gladiators and slaves at the Fort!

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Free the Slaves
by Kentington


Were you moved by the suffering of the slaves at Fortification Hill? Ever wondered why they stayed even after you'd wiped out the Legionaries? This mod gives you a chance to free Siri, Melody, the gladiators Stella and Andrews, and the Fort's generic slaves.

Once you've already become permanently hostile to the Legion (failed the quest Beware the Wrath of Caesar!), you will have the option to free the slaves at the Fort. Rescued NCR soldiers will travel to Camp Forlorn Hope; slaves can be sent either to the Followers of the Apocalypse or the NCR's refugee camp at Aerotech Park (assuming you've discovered it). Freeing a slave gives you a karma boost and a small reputation bump with the appropriate faction. Freed slaves are sent to the appropriate location immediately after exiting the Fort, so you can fast-travel there and find out how they're doing.

You can find Ranger Stella and Andrews through the door in the back of the arena. Otho has the key, or you can just pick the lock. Be aware that any Legionaries you left alive will attack them as they make their escape!

I would also recommend downloading cordsnwires' excellent mod "Decrucifixion".

Place the .esp file in your Fallout: New Vegas data folder.

===Obligatory Soapbox Statement===
Unfortunately, slavery still exists in the real world today, with some estimates placing the global slave population as high as 27 million. For those interested in learning more, including what you can do to help, I would recommend Skinner's book "A Crime So Monstrous".

===Compatibility/Known Issues===
This mod may be incompatible with any other which modifies the Fort's gate triggers or their scripts. It is also not voice-acted, but I would welcome contact from voice actors willing to help remedy that problem.

===Legal Mumbo-Jumbo===
Please do not use this mod in your work without my permission. I can be contacted on the forums as Kentington.