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Added: 05/08/2011 - 05:43AM
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Triple post in three days it cant be!!!! Ladies and gentlemen I am on a role with project releases and I see no reason to stop now. Bunker Tech adds all of the concrete bunker SCOLs for your design needs. These things took me a while to lay out and get perfect for this release. Each bunker piece was designed to be placed above ground for your bunker building needs. Please see the pictures for details.

Requires: New Vegas ESM, and Old World Blues ESM

About SCOLs: You will need to reload the Nifs by right-clicking the highlighted SCOL present under Editor ID. Then select Edit. Under Static Collection select: Recreate Nif from Data. And then, boom!!! Youre done and ready to rumble.

Usage: Use however you want but list my name in your credits.

Search Options: Concrete and Bunker. This is to locate the SCOLs.

Coming Soon: Oblivion Realm Construction Kit