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Removes useless skill book recipes from the workbench menu after the skill book has been crafted.

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I am no longer playing New Vegas, and have discontinued support for my NV mods. Any and all assets from this mod are freely available for anybody to use in any way, no permission required.

OWB Skill Book Recipes
Version: 1.0
by Arlekin.

---- Description --------------
The skill book recipes in Old World Blues consume a 1-shot quest item in their creation... and are then forever more left in your workbench menu cluttering things up. This mod adds a condition to those recipes that checks to make sure you actually have that quest item in your inventory before the recipe shows up. This way, once you've created the skill book, the recipe goes away and your crafting menu is (relatively) clean again.

---- Instructions -------------
Extract to your data directory, and activate the .esp file in FOMM or the launcher.

---- History ------------------
v1.0 - Initial release

---- Credits / Permissions ----
Obisidan/Bethesda : Fallout NV

Anyone is free to use, modify, or redistribute this mod however they want. Feel free to package it into a compilation mod if you'd like. You don't need to ask my permission, just have fun.