Fallout New Vegas
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For the Bob the Builder in all of us.

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Now this one was really fun to build. These SCOLs are models of construction zones which you can drag and drop where you want them in order to decorate whatever area you are (constructing). Each model was painstakingly crafted to give the proper illusion that its a modern post-apocalyptic attempt at reconstruction.

Requires: All DLC

Instillation: Classic drag and drop. This is an esp format for file merger and file edit.

About SCOLs: You will need to reload the Nifs by right-clicking the highlighted SCOL present under Editor ID. Then select Edit. Under Static Collection select: Recreate Nif from Data. And then… boom!!! Youre done and ready to rumble.

Usage: Use however you want and just mention me in your credits. Like most of my other resources I dont care how people use them.

Search Option: Construct. This is to locate the SCOLs.

Coming Soon:
Oblivion Realm Construction Kit
Bunker Tech (released)