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Adds map markers to the New Vegas area and inside McCarran. Moves markers inside Crimson Caravan Company and Camp McCarran.

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I know what you are thinking. "Another map marker mod?" I created this for myself since I was not happy with the other ones available and decided to share. "Reduced Load-Screen Fast Travel Markers" causes problems with AI Packages and companions, also the author got banned. "New Vegas Strip and Freeside Map Markers v2" has too many markers too close together, it's just messy.

Though it should continue to work, due to it's minimal footprint.


Please remember to ENDORSE if you like it!


v 1.5 - Fixed a bug where some v 1.4 changes would not have effect.
v 1.4 - Added support for old save games where areas already was explored, with or without Explorer perk. (More info in description)
v 1.3 - Added Red Rock Armory as requested by Liddan.
v 1.2 - Fixed an error by me. Thank you Lindy and drktrper for notifying me.
v 1.1 - Fixed a bug where pedestrians on the Strip might not show up if you fast travel there. (Turns out that this issue is not 100% fixed.)
v 1.0 - Initial release


The mod will upon first run detect if your character already has been to The Strip and/or other locations and add map markers accordingly. (New in v 1.4)

This is what it does:
New markers:
- Camp McCarran Terminal
- Camp McCarran Airstrip Tower
- Camp McCarran Supply Shack
- The Strip North (Lucky 38 and Gomorrah)
- The Strip Central (The Tops, Ultra-Deluxe and LVB Station)
- The Strip South (Vault 21, NCR Embassy and Michael Angelo's Workshop)
- The Kings School of Impersonation
- Atomic Rush (Atomic Wrangler and Silver Rush together)
- Cerulean Robotics
- Old Mormon Fort (Inside)
- Mick and Ralph's
- Red Rock Armory (New in v 1.3)

Moved markers:
- Camp McCarran (Inside)
- Crimson Caravan Company (Inside)


I put great effort in making sure this doesn't cause problems with any AI Packages or Companions and I have tested it extensively, but something might have slipped through. Please let me know in that case.

Suggestions and requests are welcome, but I will not make ANY markers inside interiors.

These are things I will not touch:
- Hidden Valley (Brotherhood of Steel Bunker) - Indoor
- Aerospace Office Park - Messes up AI Packages


Many great thanks to LukieBoy for his support, blessing and ideas from his 'New Vegas Strip and Freeside Map Markers v2'.