Modding Fallout NV Tutorial - Part 5 - FNVEdit by Gopher
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2. Part 2: Project Nevada
3. Part 3: Nevada Skies
4. Part 4: Visual Enhancements
5. Part 5: FNVEdit
6. Part 6: Weapon Animation Replacers
7. Part 7: Performance
8. Part 8: Troubleshooting

This is part 5 of my Modding Fallout NV Tutorial series. In this tutorial we will focus on how to install and use the FNVEdit utility. We will be learning what conflicts are, how to resolve them, how to find load order problems that cause crashes, and much more. It is slightly longer than the previous tutorials (approx 20mins) and yet still only scratches the surface of this topic.

Please Note: This tutorial is not a replacement for reading the instructions on each individual mod! You should always read the manual for each and every mod you install. I will not be going into the same level of detail in this tutorial.
The golden rule of modding : RTFM.

There are five main aims for this tutorial:

1. A working version of FNVEdit installed and running.
2. Understand what conflicts are
3. Learn how to fix them using merge patch.
4. Understand the difference between master files and being the master of a file.
5. Be able to perform the master update process.

Mods installed in part 5:
1. FNVEdit