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Draken - model by tumbajamba

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Adds a new Custom Cyberdog Companion for Old World Blues and beyond

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==== Winston the Cyberdog Companion ====

*uses a Custom Cyberdog Model from tumbajamba's Cyber-Meat dog resource found here:

** Its a Big file due to the High Def textures and complex model used. Its worth it though for a unique Cyberdog.

I just felt all the Cyberpooches in game and OWB, despite thier expertly done textures and models were.... well they were all based off the same original Model despite the verious veriations like the military, police and standard versions...

They are all the same base model regardless of the textures.

This model is from tumbajamba's Cyber Meat resource:

All credit goes to him for this model used, I just made the Script and allocated the dog sounds found in the sound .BSA archieves.

This is a "Voiced" Companion if you cound barking as voiced.

This is not Companion Wheel supported as that is still too advanced for me and would require more packages and such that I find too annoying and so.

This is just a basic Companion package anyway.

===== Where to find Winston ====

Winston is located in The Sink area of the Big MT. I would of put him in the Cyberdog Area but for some stupid reason, my GECK would not show the entir are, it only showed invisible stuff and patches of corridors and what not.

This happens alot for me when I load a large interior Cell, it did Not however happen for me when I made my Prewar Think Tank mod witch is a good thing.

There is also a Holotape Note giving Winston a back story.. of sorts.

.. and yes, he will follow you EVERYWHERE.

When Fired, he will go back to the Sink.

He's Essential and also has a decent amount of HP "420". No level cap so he is "as is"

I do hope you enjoy.

Need more veriatiosn of Cyberdogs.

Also, would anybody be interested in making a more better package and perhaps, way of getting Winston here?

Like find him in the Kennels as a forgotten experiement? You rescue him and he becomes your pal etc?


I have made another File that uses the same template as Winston but made a Military grade doggie called Sargeant Pooch.

Since Roxie the other Cyberdog Companion from OWB is a Police version, I decided to make a Military version useing Winston as a base template, rename this template to Sargeant Pooch. I know its not the best name so gimmie some feedback.

Both Companion Poochs are 100% compatable with each other.

Stay tuned.