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Added: 28/07/2011 - 06:31PM
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Last updated at 23:08, 4 Aug 2011 Uploaded at 18:31, 28 Jul 2011

*Must have Old World Blues DLC installed*

There's actually gloves for both hands in the game files, so I altered the Corrosive Glove to use both as well as change the attack animations to the brass knuckles so you attack with both hands when equipped.

The main reason why they didn't use both gloves because it clips rather badly with the Pipboy (as shown in the pictures) but I still think it looks cool.

-The pictures were taken with a cellphone because I can't take screenshots without my computer crashing, so no complaining.-

Version 3: Hopefully fixed issue with coding.

Version 2: Added all the rest of the gloves.

Optional: Wearable non-replacer version of the gloves added. They do not have a world model set so don't drop them because they will disappear. A briefcase with the gloves is located in Doc Mitchell's bedroom. Also included are some wearable bone hands.

Optional v2: Fixed an issue with the gloves from the stealth suit not showing in the briefcase.