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Adds an HEV Suit, inspired by the game Half-Life.

Permissions and credits
HEV Suit v1.2

Version History:

1.2 - Suit now administers Med-X in combat. Also introduces itself (HL style), and informs when injecting Med-X.
1.1 - You now need to find a crowbar to open the locked trunk.
1.0 - Initial Release

1. Purpose:

Adds an HEV Suit, inspired by the game Half-Life.

It's based on the stealth suit from 'Old World Blues'. It has a lite voice module and will inject you with med-x when necessary (just like the suit in HL injects you with Morphine). The suit only resembles the real thing, and I intentionally didn't make an exact copy of it, for immersion sake.

The suit will give you a DT of 15, radiation resistance of 20, poison resistance of 20 and +1 to agility.

2. How to use:

Simply put the .esp and .bsa files in your fallout NV data folder and load from the launcher.
In game, travel to the Quarry Junction and find it locked inside of a trunk next to an orange truck.

3. Note:

Requires the 'Old World Blues' DLC to work!

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