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Adds a new balanced laser weapon which penetrates targets to hit those behind. Option of blue red or green laser beam. Blue atomizing targets, red normal laser meltdown, and green plasma goo effect. Also adds retexured and new faceplate for recon armor craftable at a work bench.

Permissions and credits
This adds the ablity to build a heavy laser(new model) thats can be used to take out mutiple targets if they are in the path of the beam.

Heavy Laser MK-1
Much improved damage over previous versions
Dam 33 33 crit (50% more then standard laser rifle)
Uses 2 cells instead of 1 and only has a clip of 10.

How to get it... well you make it.
Made at the work bench.
50 science required
4 scrap metal
2 Electronic scrap
2 Sensor modules
2 Laser Rifles.
1 Conductor.
4 Fission batteries.
Not that hard to make, and the parts are not super hard to find.

Can be upgraded with normal laser rifle upgrades.
Scope -Increases magnification(only for blue)

Beam spliter - increases total damage(fixed actually increases damage).

Optics- Increases damage by 4.5.

Recycler (red/green)
Regenerate 2 ammo every 3rd shot.

Effected by all energy/laser perks
When used with Laser Commander Perk applies -10 armor debuff for 60 seconds to target ontop of normal damage increase, does not stack.

To install unzip into the data directory and select in Launcher or FOMM.

Optional file
Adv.Recon Armor
This adds retexured Recon Armor+new Faceplate(which goes with the standard rebreather to make a full helmet), and a new recipe to the game to make it.
Currently only for females, helm and faceplate will work for males but the armor hasnt been textured properly yet.

Recipe made at the work bench Requires
60 Science
1 Recon armor
1 Recon helmet
4 fission Batteries
4 Sensor modules
2 Steam Gague Assemblies

This Armor is effectively POWER Armor(it supports itself and is considered light armor), however unlike power armor its not designed to protect agasint mass fire, rather its designed to increase the chance of survival in general for this reason it has slightly lower DT but has a total of 25dr when worn together.
IT can stop single heavy hits better then normal recon armor, but offers less protection agasint light attacks.

Total DT recon+recon helm=19
Total DT of AdvRecon=15+25dr

Adv Recon Face Plate
+2 Crit
+1 Perception
+10 Radation Resistnace

Adv Recon Armor
+25 Carry Weight.
+1 Agi
+20 radation resistance.

Adv Recon Helmet
+1 Per
+15 Radation resistance.

To install unzip into the data directory and select in Launcher or FOMM.