Modding Fallout NV Tutorial - Part 3 - Nevada Skies by Gopher
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1. Part 1: User Interface
2. Part 2: Project Nevada
3. Part 3: Nevada Skies
4. Part 4: Visual Enhancements
5. Part 5: FNVEdit
6. Part 6: Weapon Animation Replacers
7. Part 7: Performance
8. Part 8: Troubleshooting

This is part 3 of my Modding Fallout NV Tutorial series. In this tutorial we will focus on how to install Nevada Skies. It assumes you have learned all the concepts covered in part 1 and 2.

Please Note: This tutorial is not a replacement for reading the instructions on each individual mod! You should always read the manual for each and every mod you install. I will not be going into the same level of detail in this tutorial.
The golden rule of modding : RTFM.

There are two main aims for this tutorial:

1. A working version of Nevada Skies (which ever one you prefer).
2. Understand how to uninstall a mod in FOMM

Nevada Skies is an excellent mod to learn about how easy it is to install and uninstall mods using FOMM. This tutorial should boost your confidence in just switching mods on and off just to try different version or settings so you can figure out exactly which mods you really want.

Mods installed in part 3:
1. Nevada Skies - Weather Effects BETA and URWLified