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Modifies the recipes for variants of the Cosmic Knife (Knife Spear, etc.) and adds new variants, including the Knife Spear Clean Super-Heated.

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UPDATE: I have finally added the requested Super-Heated variants of Throwing Knife Spears, and revamped the new weapon shapes for Super-Heated weapons so that the glow pulses, rather than staying constant. I also finally noticed that Knife Spears actually have four blades attached to them, not three. Whoops. Recipes adjusted accordingly.

Dead Money includes a surprisingly varied amount of weapons which can be crafted from the Cosmic Knife, a fairly benign weapon which appears throughout the areas in and surrounding the Sierra Madre Casino. Unfortunately, the DLC does not allow for all the possible combinations of Cosmic Knife enhancements the player can uncover; for example, you can make a Cosmic Knife Clean and a Cosmic Knife Super-Heated, but not a Cosmic Knife Clean Super-Heated.

On top of that, the recipes themselves are somewhat flawed. The recipe for the Knife Spear Clean calls for 3 Cosmic Knife Clean, one Throwing Knife Spear, one roll of Duct Tape, and 3 boxes of Abraxo Cleaner, despite the fact that logically only two Abraxo Cleaners would be needed to clean the remaining knife, not three.

This mod addresses both of the above issues. First, the mod adds six new craftable Cosmic Knife variants:

- Cosmic Knife Clean Super-Heated
- Knife Spear Clean Super-Heated
- Knife Spear Super-Heated
- Throwing Knife Spear Clean
- Throwing Knife Spear Clean Super-Heated
- Throwing Knife Spear Super-Heated

Second, the mod alters the existing recipes so that they are more logical with regards to required components and the conservation of those components. For example, when crafting a Knife Spear Clean, the recipe no longer calls for 3 boxes of Abraxo Cleaner, only the two required to clean the remaining knife. This philosophy also carries over to the new knife variants: in another example, making a Throwing Knife Spear Super-Heated does not require Forceps, since logically you could just use the handle it is taped to in order to hold it while heating it.

Third, a number of additional recipes have been added which allow different ways of crafting each weapon. Taking the Knife Spear Clean as an example again, you can use the "standard" recipe described above, or you can provide one existing Knife Spear and 8 boxes of Abraxo Cleaner; other crafting options exist as well.

Finally, this mod includes a number of other minor alterations and corrections: recipe names have been changed to be more consistent, the Knife Spear Clean can now be used by NPCs, and a new recipe has been added which allows you to break down Throwing Knife Spears directly to Cosmic Knives.