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All Companions can now dress/undress(weapons to!)

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All Companions dress/undress ver. 1.1

NOT FOR DLC COMPANIONS!!!(whan i get there maybe i'll make mod for tham to XD)....ONLY FOR ORGINAL FNV COMPANIONS!!!

...I made this mod because old one that i use didn't work anymore(De-equipable companions Mikoto)
..all companions will wear what ever u give tham(weapons to)..u can take their armor/weapons to.
...every companion now have 50 ammo in inventory whan they join u, so u have to resupply tham with ammo for their weapon or weapon u give tham :p
...all their uncommon armors can be repaired with leather armor or pre-war heat,weapons to with same kind.
...this mod is only for Arcade,Boone,Cass,Raul,Veronica and Lily's assault carbine(player can't wear her power fist and armor XD)...now they all have normal FNV weapons that player can use to and they will pick up better weapons from dead enemies by tham self in combat or if they are out of ammo for weapon they have in inventory..
..that's it...i didn't find any bug, but u let me know if u guys find any o.O

---IF U LIKE THIS MOD PLS TRY "8 surgical masks" and "ranger unique equipment" mods XD---


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy files to \Fallout New Vegas\Data\
3. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click "Data Files", place a checkmark beside the .esp file


1. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


No compatibility issues so far XD (working with new dlc's and patch)

Tools: G.E.C.K.


Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas.
Thanks to the Nexus Sites for file hosting.