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New Crit Kill animation scenes, HD blood fx, HD fire fx, HD explosions, new bullet impacts, energy wep projectiles & impacts, unrivaled textures, and more

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Version: 1.19
Date: 6/17/2021
Category: Awesome Visuals

Many of you may remember semi-cosmic, nearly phenominal mod for FO3 entitled EVE:Energy Visuals Enhanced.
Well EVE is back! This time its built again from the ground up, but most importantly it covers ALL KINDS of visuals!

- critical kill scenes (via energy weapons)
- Bullet weapon impacts (water jumps, blood squirts, ect)
- unrivaled energy weapon textures/meshes
- new explosions
- custom HD impacts
- dazzling particles
- static mesh animations
- character reactions
- and more

NOTE: EVE is constantly growing and evolving so you should return here often.
ALSO NOTE: EVE is also available in Russian and Italian flavor!
ALSO DOUBLE NOTE: EVE is the coolest mod ever!

Details of Latest Release: v1.19
- Reworked the handling of extra loot items potentially being placed in dying NPC inventory by other mods
- Revised .nif mesh files to resolve an issue that occurred when stealthy Nightkin were set afire with weapons such as a Flamer

This release brought to you by -5/+5 GMT.

Known Issues
- The green energy chambers of the Q-35 Matter Modulator do not always show their electrical effect.
- Ash Piles and Goo Piles might [infrequently] fall through ground level; vanilla game engine issue.
- Ash Piles and Goo Piles might [infrequently] become embedded in other things in densely crowded areas; a result of minimizing "fall through".

Known Conflicts
- Mods that replace the standard arm mounted Pip-Boy with a handheld device are known to potentially cause issues with other mods, including EVE (our "holographic" iron sights might or might not be visible at times).

Installing/Updating/Installing - Mod Conflicts
IMPORTANT! Novac dissapearing is a bug in the vanilla game! Don't blame EVE (or any OTHER mod either foo' ).
*** NVSE is -NOT- needed! EVE will work 10000% fine even without it!
***EVE does -NOT- add energy weapon FX to bullet guns, don't blame this mod, it wasn't built by a teen***
***If your Laser Pistol is not iron-sights, this is because another mod LOWER than EVE in your load order does not have laser weapons set to 'Iron Sights'. Simple fix = move EVE to be the absolute 100% dead-last in your load order***

Installation Summary:

There are two (2) EVE installers: EVE v1.19, and EVE v1.19 Alternate.

Use EVE v1.19 for Nexus Mod manager (NMM), Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), or Vortex. This is an "automatic file selection" installer. It will tell you which EVE option (All DLC, No GRA, No DLC) it will install, and it also identifies the DLCs that are present to make that the valid choice.  Use the Alternate installer described below if you have problems using this one.

Use EVE v1.19 - Alternate for Mod Organizer (MO and MO2). You must select one of the three options (All 5 DLCs, 4 DLCs but not GRA, No DLCs or no match) yourself. Each of the choices lists the DLCs that must be present for that choice to be correct. This installer also works with Nexus Mod manager (NMM), Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), and Vortex.  Use this installer if you have problems using the main installer above.

Here is a list of the DLC requirements for each of the EVE variants:

  • "All DLC" requires all five of the DLCs installed: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Gun Runners Arsenal. The installed EVE file is EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp.

  • "No GRA" requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road; but not Gun Runners Arsenal. The installed EVE file is EVE FNV - NO GRA.esp.

  • "No DLC" is for no DLCs present, or the DLCs do not exactly match either of the ones above. The installed EVE file is EVE FNV - NO DLC.esp.

Ensure that the installed .esp file is properly enabled / activated.

When using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM):

If you use a Mod Manager such as Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), follow these steps:

- click the "Download With Manager" button.

- respond to prompts, allowing the mod to be downloaded and installed. Allow overwriting of files.

- activate the mod.

During activation, the appropriate EVE .esp file will be selected based upon which DLCs are currently installed *and* enabled. Any DLC that is installed but not enabled will be ignored.

When using Mod Organizer (MO or MO2):

If you use Mod Organizer (MO or MO2) to install EVE, you choose one of these three options: All 5 DLCs, 4 DLCs but not GRA, No DLCs or no match. The correct choice will depend on which DLCs (if any) are present.  Be sure to install the Alternate version of EVE; click the Download Manually button to download it, then have MO/MO2 execute that installer. Here is a list of the DLC requirements for each choice:

• Select All 5 DLCs if you have all five of the DLCs installed: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Gun Runners Arsenal. The resulting .esp file will be EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp.

• Select 4 DLCs, but not GRA if you do not have Gun Runners Arsenal, but do have these DLCs installed: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road. The resulting .esp file will be EVE FNV - NO GRA.esp.

• Select No DLCs or no match if you have none of the DLCs or if your installed DLCs do not exactly match either of the two selections above. The resulting .esp file will be EVE FNV - NO DLC.esp.

Manual Installation:

Click the Download Manually" button to download the mod, then follow these steps:

- unpack the file; it may be in either .zip, .7z, or .rar format.

- open the resulting EVE folder.

- if present, copy the Meshes, Sound, and Textures folders into your game's DATA folder. Allow overwriting of files.

- select the correct EVE .esp and copy it into your DATA folder allowing overwrites. Choose only *one*. Using the wrong one can result in a crash at startup.

- enable the .esp file.

WARNING: Note that a correct manual install of a mod can be difficult and tricky, depending on its complexity and variety of files that need to be properly placed in the game's folders. So, in general, it is best to use a "mod manager" for installing mods into games (especially by players who are new to adding mods).

Load Order

--> FalloutNV.esm
--> the DLCs if you have any
--> your other mods and patches
--> EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp (or one of the other EVE .esp files)
--> add-ons and patches for EVE

If you experience <!> error indicators, then you have one or more faulty installs. For other anomalies or strange things, you may be having a mod "conflict". Learn how to make a bashed patch, or try positioning EVE last (or near last) in your "load order" sequence.

Aiming Styles

If you want to be able to aim by looking along the top of energy weapons ("iron sights" style), (1) do *not* install the "EVE True Iron Sights Disabled" patch, then (2) start the game, select Settings at the main menu, select Gameplay, set True Iron Sights to be ON.

If you want to aim with energy weapons held to the side instead of looking along the top of them, (1) install the "EVE True Iron Sights Disabled" patch, then (2) start the game, select Settings at the main menu, select Gameplay, set True Iron Sights to be OFF.

Recommended Mods To Use With EVE: (go download these asap)
- WME : Weapon Mod Expansion - the blessed union of EVE + WME = WMEVE! Behold!
100% compatibility. As EVE grows, so does WMEVE!
WME - Weapon Mod Expansion

- PN (Project Nevada) : Over some time the PN guys and have hammered out incompatibilities and have gotten PN and EVE to play nicely together. In fact there are some neat things like EVE's iron-sights changing color as you charge up your laser weapon for a powerful blast!
Its a well put together CP, so give it a try here.

- Ojo Bueno and Poco Bueno: So you want a complete new "visual" experience?
You'll be needing these HQ textures to round out your wasteland!
Ojo Bueno High Quality Texture Workshop - Textures up to 4096x4096, modular texture packs.
Poco Bueno Texture Pack - Textures up to 2048x2048, one combined easy-to-install FOMOD.

- Book Of Water : Do you like the weapons in EVE? Of course you do, you maniac! In that case, you'll definitely love The Book Of Water! The next FOTM? Maybe!

- Enhanced Blood Textures for NV : It does what it says, and quite well.
You'll be glad you have this when you witness EVE's gore FX
Enhanced Blood Textures

- Meltdown Medley : Along the lines of the whole ''crit kill' theme, Meltdown Medley overhauls the original Meltdown perk in game so that the death visuals added by the perk match the color of the weapon used to cause the effect. EVE CP included!

- AWOP - WME - EVE cp : Makes the AWOP weapons get the whole ''WMEVE'' overhaul! WMK's, graphics, visuals, sounds, bla bla bla
AWOP WME EVE Compatability Patch

- AWOW : Parody of AWOP. AWOW = A World Of Wacky! Made by yours truly, and in part by other members of Epoch Saga, the full game made by nexus modders. AWOW has wacky things like Deranged Gnomes, Gizmoduck, throwable poo, and more! Start the wackiness here --> AWOW: A World Of Wacky

- 1st and formost is CaBaL120 for his texturing. He's provided numerous weapon retextures, the likes of which
are unrivaled! Your EVE experience would only be half as balls-to-the-wall awesome without his hard work on this.

- jonnyeah : So much stuff he's a co-author.

- Tapioks : some creepy ultra-realistic "skin pile" and skeleton texture! Marketing help! haha, and more to come im sure!

- AlexScorpion : Awesome script for dropping microfusioncells when reloading.

- Crawlius : Water explosion sound effects.

- joefoxx082 : Fixed Iron Sight animations for laser pistols and rifles.

- Hairylegs222 and EmeraldReign: a very much long-overdue update that brought EVE up to a highly respectable 'final' state for v1.15(a)!

- Athelbras: bug fixes and scripted installers (v1.15b through v1.18)

Additional/Optional content, to go!
- A "Plasma For The People - Plasma Pack Plus" has been released for those who want to further customize their plasma weapons. In the file you find thumbnails (like previews) of what each alternate projectile looks like.
To use a particular one, go to data/textures/eve/projectiles and find the weapon whose projectile/impact you'd like to change.
(e.g. PlasmaCasterSheet01.dds) and take the alternate one of your choice from the PP+ and rename it to match, simply drag-n-drop and overwrite when asked. (you may want to backup the originals!) Afterwards, the weapon will display all impacts and its projectile as the one you've chosen

- For advanced users (those with PS, GIMP, or Paint.net): You can also use the optional layers to mix-n-match for totally
new custom looks! Simply choose which ones you want, stack 'em in the order you like, and FLATTEN before saving, then just
save/overwrite over the weapon of your choice (e.g. PlasmaRifleSheet01.dds in textures/eve/projectiles) and just like that,
the weapon's projectile as well as impacts, will display the one you've made!

Change Log

Current details of latest Release: V1.19
- Reworked the handling of extra loot items potentially being placed in dying NPC inventory by other mods
- Revised .nif mesh files to resolve an issue that occurred when stealthy Nightkin were set afire with weapons such as a Flamer

Fiery Hotfix
- Replacement .nif mesh files to resolve an issue that occurred when stealthy Nightkin were set afire with weapons such as a Flamer

Past details of previous Release: V1.18
- Fixes potential "ownership" problems for Ash Piles, Goo Puddles, and Bone Fragments within indoor locations.

Past details of previous Release download: V1.17.3
- Merges the v1.17.1, v1.17.12, and v1.17.3 updates into the main EVE download with no new features or fixes.

Past details of previous Update download: V1.17.3
- Removes the "pre-order packs" as (unintended) Masters from EVE "All DLC".

Past details of previous Update download: V1.17.2
- Removes grenade explosion activators upon script completion.
- Removes expired grenade explosion activators upon cell load.

Past details of previous Update download: V1.17.1
- Fixed texturing for the Fat Man when the Fat Man Little Boy Kit is installed.
- Added sound effects for certain plasma critical deaths that were previously not created
- Restores the correct appearance of the Gauss Rifle for Companions and other NPCs
- Restores the correct appearance of the Multiplas Rifle
- Corrected the coloring of the Sprtel-Wood 9700's (GRA) energy chambers to match its laser beams

NOTE: you should uninstall the Gauss Rifle and Multiplas Rifle "hot fix" patches before installing this update.

Gauss Rifle Hotfix
Restores the correct appearance of the Gauss Rifle for Companions via a mesh file.

Multiplas Rifle Hotfix
Restores the correct appearance of the Multiplas Rifle via a mesh file. This is a temporary fix that will be resolved differently in the next update.

Past details of previous download: V1.17
- Fixes a bug that could cause loot to be lost/discarded with New Vegas Bounties as well as similar mods that add items to an NPC upon death. If a "static electricity" effect is ever visible on remains (ash pile, goo puddle, bone shards, etc.), then new loot has been added to those remains since the last time you looked.
- Fixes duplicate remains of the victim inside Silver Rush
- Fixes missing firing sounds for the Sprtel-Wood 9700 (reverted to original)
- Gatling Laster firing sounds reverted to original
- Fixes a texture reference in the Pulse Grenade model file

Past details of previous download: V1.16.2
- Temporary fix for the Gatling Laser firing sound problem.
- Corrects a misplaced texture file for goo piles.
- Improved installer script which now states what will be installed and why.
- Minor edits to various ash pile & goo puddle placement scripts.

WMEVE - FOOK Revision 4
- Fixes a bug that prevented weapon attachments from appearing on the Q-35 Matter Modulator. Note that the HS Electrodes will not "glow" due to missing Glow data in WMEVE's Q-35 models.

Moveable Piles & Puddles
- This optional download allows ash piles and goo puddles to be moved like other objects. Let's you see if anything is hidden underneath (which does happen sometimes). Note that because they can be moved, NPCs can also knock them around and sometimes turn them over. Only data files are updated, not EVE's .esp file - so it is fully compatible with other EVE-related mods and patches. Allow overwriting of files.

EVE "No GRA" Update V1.16.1
- Replaces the corrupted EVE FNV - NO GRA.esp file.

Past details of previous download: V1.16
- New Goo Piles
- Additional Ash Pile for Pew Pew
- Remodeled and retextured Gauss Rifles
- New badass fish textures
- New sparks texture when lighting dynamite
- Improved placement of remains (piles, bones, ash bits, etc.)
- Fixed Plasma Caster third person projectiles
- Fixed a bug that caused loot to be lost
- Fixed a Camp Searchlight dogtag collection bug
- Updated Automated Installer for NMM and FOMM (selects the correct EVE .esp file)

Details of Camp Searchlight Hotfix
This is a bug fix patch for the main game file (FalloutNV.esm). It fixes a bug that can cause EVE to accidently "break" the Camp Searchlight quest called "We Will All Go Together". The patch can be placed anywhere in the Load Order.

Past details of previous download: V1.15c Final
- New flame effects!
- New Lighter flame effect
- New ash pile textures and effects!!!
- New Magnum Shells texture.
- Fixed missing NPC loot bug.
- Fixed invisible ash pile bug.
- Fixed transparent ash pile bug.
- Restored missing special effects textures.
- Restored missing Plasma Rifle Magnetic Accelerator textures.
- Optional patch now available that supports True Iron Sights being Disabled.

Past details of previous download: V1.15b Final
- Laser Rifle Beamsplitter Fix: fixes a problem where a Scope is mistakenly shown when only a Beamsplitter has been installed in a Laser Rifle
- EVEified Holy Frag Grenade Explosion
- Fixed the Nuke Explosions to not have a Abraxo Cleaner show up

Past details of previous download: V1.15a Final
- Removed dirty records
- Expanded EVE to all DLCs
- Fixed all FNVEdit reported errors
- Fixed cell loading crash issues by removing a disable me script on a light record and removed a script that added a light into your inventory everytime you equipped an energy weapon
- Fixed all geck powerup warnings
- Fixed all ash pile + bone fragment's opening closing sounds
- Applied EVE's smoke effects to all FNV + DLCs ash pile's that are containers already in the game world
- Applied EVE models to all mini nukes + missile types
- Removed added vomit idling
- Applied EVE's explosion models to car explosions + warhead explosion + satcom nuke explosion
- Applied EVE models to red + green glowing impacts(they were only applied to non-glowing impacts)
- Applied EVE's LaserDisintegrationREDFXSpell to the Van Graff Volunteer script, RoseofSharonCassidyScript(when jean kills her), VHDRangerOliverGuardSCRIPT, and the NVDLC01GhostSCRIPT. These were all referencing the normal LaserDisintegrationFXSpell
- Applied EVE's PlasmaGooifyRifleSpell to NVDLC04TempleMarkedMenMarauderSCRIPT, NVDLC04TempleMarkedMenBomberSCRIPT, NVDLC04TempleMarkedMenRavagerSCRIPT, NVDLC04TempleMarkedMenScoutSCRIPT, and the NVDLC04TempleMarkedMenHunterSCRIPT. They were all referencing the normal PlasmaEffect Gooification
- EVE explosion models/changes applied to the following: (These EVE models are only meant to replace EffectsExplosionGrenadeFrag.NIF)
- 40mm Grenade Explosion
- 40mm Grenade Explosion Custom
- Ammo Box Explosion
- Bait Grenade Explosion (FO3)
- C4 Explosion
- Cave Explosion
- Computer Explosion
- Dynamite Explosion
- EDE Spark Explosion
- Electric Box Explosion
- Electric Generator Explosion
- Fake Medium Explosion
- FFER13 Explosion (FO3)
- Field Panel Explosion (FO3)
- Flash Bang Explosion
- Frag Grenade Explosion
- Frag Grenade Misfits Explosion
- Frag Mine Explosion
- LD Scientist Accident Explosion
- Liberty Prime Hulk Explosion (FO3)
- Medium Explosion
- Monorail Explosion
- Motorcycle Explosion
- MQ05 Explosion
- Nellis Ant Explosion
- Oven Explosion
- PA Ave Frag Explosion
- Powder Charge Explosion
- Satchel Charge Explosion
- Satcom Nuke Explosion
- Silo01 Maintenance Eyebot Explosion
- Silo02 Small Launch Explosion
- Speaker Explosion
- Statesman Hotel Explosion (FO3)
- The Mall Medium Explosion
- Time Bomb Explosion
- Time Bomb Explosion High Yield
- Tin Grenade Explosion
- Turret Explosion
- Two-Step Goodbye Explosion
- Vault Explosion
- Vault Generator Explosion
- Vault Securtron Electric Box Explosion
- Wall Explosion
- Frag Mine improved, original look and feel kept
- Plasma grenades & Plasma mines retextured to match ''EVE style'' Plasma weapons
- Plasma Caster retextured EVE style
- Q-35 Matter Modulator (Plasma) retextured EVE style but in original game color flavor
- EVE models/textures for the frag grenade
- EVE models/textures for the plasma grenade
- EVE models/textures for the frag mine
- EVE models/textures for the plasma mine
- EVE models/textures for the grenade bouquet
- EVE models/textures for the Pulse Pistol, Pulse Grenade, and Pulse Mine
- EVE explosion models/changes for the following Pulse Explosions: (These EVE models are only meant to replace EffectsFxPulseExplosion01.NIF)
- 25mm Pulse Grenade Explosion
- 40mm Pulse Grenade Explosion
- Doghouse Explosion
- Generator EMP Explosion
- Laser Stinger Explosion
- Pulse Forge Explosion
- Pulse Grenade Explosion
- Pulse Mine Explosion
- Pulse Mine X13 Explosion
- Fixed the WJSPuffOfDarkSmokeFXscriptbigVIOLET that was disabled and wasn't completed, which was being used in game
- Fixed/Changed the EVE ash/goo piles so they get disabled on the next cell load
- Added a Recharger Weapon MFCell fix script to all recharger type weapons (Thanks to NVEC :D)
- All other necessary additional fixes are provided by NVEC (Only fixes and no other changes)
- EVE nuke explosion models applied to the Fat Mine Nuke Explosion + Fat Man Big Kid Nuke Explosion + Fat Man Low Yield Nuke Explosion + Fat Man Tiny Tots Nuke Explosion
- Included GRA meshes
- WMEVE FOOK compatibility patch.

EVE v1.15a final brought to you by EmeraldReign and HairyLegs222, sponsored in part by NVEC

Past details of previous download: V1.14
-Frag Grenade has a new custom explosion (shockwave, debris, smoke, fire, crater, ect)
-Pulse Gun causes humanoids (people, ghouls) to have a chance to puke/vomit/hurl/throw up when critically hit.
-Fire FX have been overhauled. That is, Flamer's projectile as well as when people or creatures are on fire, new visuals.

Past details of previous download: V1.13
-Laser deaths have Skeletonization capability! (as do plasma)
-Plasma weapons all have different unique projectiles/impacts
-Plasma Defender unrivaled texture
-Plasma Pistol unrivaled texture
-New muzzleflash for Plasma Rifle and Plasma pistol
-Fatman exposion pimped even further (more debris, leaves flaming landscape for a bit, rains bits from sky afterwards)

Current Details of previous download: V1.12
-Ashpile bugs have been squashed.
-Brand spankin new Blood FX.
-Dropped MFC cells from reloading behave like shell casings
-New Mininuke and Explosions
-New Gatling laser meshes and textures.
-Gatling laser's beam redone.
-Some new icons for various lasers
-New/improved sounds for various lasers.
-New Recharger Pistol meshes and textures.
-New Recharger Rifle meshes and textures.
-Robots now have EVE lasers too!
-Removed the limb pop fx.
-Some minor bug fixes.
-A sneak peak of what's in store for Plasma.


- June 1st : EVE Public beta hits BGS forums, as well as Italian, Russian, and Chinese forums.
- July 1st : EVE v1.1 hits nexus. . . Like a 14 year old on his first hooker... like Tiny Tim on a Christmas ham...
Like Michael Jackson around Tiny Tim... you get the point
- July 11th : EVE V1.11 gets wrapped up, and gets ninja uploaded while wei is sleeping.
- Mid-July : EVE is available in Russian and Italian.
- October 29th : EVE V1.12 finally gets an update, crazy!
update is ''severance package deluxe'' featuring blood squirts!
- Plasma stuffs started sometime in late Feb 2012
- March 12th, 2012: EVE V1.13 ''Plasma for the People'' goes live!
update contains god-tier Plasma meshes and textures, as well as all new critical plasma kill animations.
- May 29th, 2012 : EVE 1.14 is officially dubbed ''Explosive Visuals Extreme'' and starts to overhaul common explosions to get them up to par with other games' visuals.
- March 14th, 2013 : EVE 1.15 is officially dubbed "final" and everyone can thoroughly enjoy while waiting for WJS to return and enhance Fallout 4
- Future : Look forward to EVE Fallout 4 edition.

What you find in this mod is the creation of WJS (and others) and belongs to EVE mod.

*borrowing* these amazing assets for use in your own little mod you release here WITHOUT permission
means you'd be insta-banned from Nexus.

* * For compatiblity patches please ask for permission BEFORE you release.

* * * *Oh, and just so you know, every mesh, and every texture has a "bogus node" or "watermark"
that I'm certain you'll never find. So its quite easy for me to know if you've used,
tweaked, altered, or modified then released anything from the EVE mod. (so play nice)* * * *

why not ASK 1st!!!!!!