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\"Area 51 - Project Roswell\" (A51-PR) adds a new quest and medium sized dungeon to the world of Fallout New Vegas. If the Courier is feeling curious he may travel to the relatively untouched pre-war ruins of Area 51. There are new items to discover and new enemies to encounter.

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Area 51 - Project Roswell
Current Version: 1.2a
Author: Ionis the Bear

- Fallout New Vegas

- Speedy Resources:

"Area 51 - Project Roswell" (A51-PR) adds a new quest and medium sized dungeon to the world of Fallout New Vegas.

If the Courier is feeling curious he may travel to the relatively untouched pre-war ruins of Area 51. There are new items to discover and new enemies to encounter.

To begin the adventure, your character should receive a letter. This will start the quest and direct you to the "Military Service Tunnel" on the northern edge of the map - North-East of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch and North-West of Horowitz Farmstead. If you do not know where these locations are they can be viewed on the Fallout wiki:

- A new worldspace - Area 51
- A new quest.
- A new medium sized dungeon to explore
- Restored cut content
- New Armour
- New Weapons
- New Recipes
- New items
- New enemies

See FAQ for more details and spoilers.

This plugin makes changes to the following FNV assets:
Alien Power Cell (AmmoAlienPowerCell)
Exterior Cells : -14, 35 and -14, 34

If you have a mod which edits any of these it may cause
incompatabilities, it is recommended that A51-PR loads after any conflicting esp files.


- Download and install Speedy Resources:

- Extract the A51-PR zip file in a secure location, copy the "data" folder to your Fallout New Vegas installation directory. e.g:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas

- Check the tick boxes "Area 51 - Project Roswell.esp" and


- Uncheck the tick box "Area 51 - Project Roswell.esp" from your plugin list.

- Delete all Area 51 asset files.

- If necessary uninstall Speedy Resources as well (make sure no other esps require it).

Ionis the Bear- http://forums.bethsoft.com/
ionis- http://www.thenexusforums.com/
ionisthebear- http://gmod.com/


- Thanks to Bethesda Game Studios and Obsidian for creating Fallout NV.
- Thanks to SpeedyB64 for creating such high quality assets.
- Thanks to Bod for doing some beta testing :).


Please do NOT re-host this without first obtaining permission.

All new textures and models are created by myself, Speedy Resources or are readily available within the Fallout New Vegas files. This mod does NOT port over ANY files from Fallout 3 or any other third party video game.

This mod contains strong language (written).

FAQ (Spoilers)
When does the quest start?
If the mod is installed correctly you should receive a pop up message almost immediately when you start or load a saved game. The Project Roswell quest and a note should be added to your pipboy.

What new items does this mod add?
- Gas Grenade (Restored cut content, new texture and mechanics)
- Stun Grenade (Restored cut content, new mechanics)
- Cryo Grenade (New Weapon)
- Cryo Mine (New Weapon)
- Alien Atomizer (Restored content)
- Alien Disintegrator (Restored content)
- Alien Shock Baton (Restored content)
- Rider Helmet (New Armour)
- Hard Rider (New Unique Armour)
- Combat Helmet - Black (New Armour)
- General Turner's Uniform (New Unique Armour)
- General Turner's Cap (New Unique Armour)
- Hazard Suit (New Unique Armour)
- Nuka-Cola Quantum (Restored cut content)
- Drained Alien Power Cell (New Item)
- Berry Mentats (Restored cut content)
- Grape Mentats (Restored cut content)
- Orange Mentats (Restored cut content)
Crafting Recipes:
- Homebrewed Nuka-Cola Quantum (New Recipe)
- Recycling, Alien Power Cell (New Schematic)
- Cryo Mine (New Schematic)
- Cryo Grenade (New Schematic)

Who are the new enemies?
There are two new factions. The first you will be fighting
against are a new raider gang the "Riders" who carry unique
biker helmets. The other new faction are the U.S Army Remnants who carry an assortment of pre-war military tech.

How does the gas grenade work?
The gas grenade functions similar to the Bio-Gas Canister from Point Lookout, it creates a flammable cloud wherever it detonates that lasts for 10 seconds before dispersing. During this time it can be ignited by any normal means (flames, gun fire, explosions).

How does the stun grenade work?
The stun grenade works differently between the player and NPCs. For NPCs it has a knockdown and short paralysis effect, whereas for the Player it creates a visual disruption effect.

How do the cryo weapons work?
The cryo grenades and mines function exactly the same as the Mothership Zeta counterparts. The only difference being their model and textures. (The originals are not in the FNV game files).

Where is the key to General Turner's nuka-fridge?
It is located on top of the first desk in the Level 4
observation room.

You say the mod does not carry over any F3 resources yet you include the WPNDLC05AlienRifleReload sound, why?
The sound is not from F3 but is actually an original I made by mixing together the rifle pickup sound and the recharger rifle reload noise. It is named as it is to make the Alien Rifle reload sound work (previously it was silent).

How do I get into the Research Facility?
You first need to get the Office Key from General Turner's body (Located in Hangar 02 by the research terminal). You can then get the access codes from his office terminal (located on the top floor of the control station).

How do I get into L2-C?
You need to get the keycard from the ghoul technician's body located at the end of the huge pipe in L2-M.

How do I get into L3?
You need to go into L2-C and follow the corridors and tunnels right round to the very end where the Ghoul Commando is located. The L3 keycard is on the table.

How do I lower the forcefield in L3?
You need to head into the reactor room and choose the necessary command from the terminal at the very top.

How do I lower the radiation levels in the reactor?
You need to head to the utility room by the monorail. In the second room there is a terminal with the necessary command.

Where do I get the keycard to L4?
There are two options. Firstly you can get the access codes to the Command Centre from a terminal in the dorms, inside the command centre is a Ghoul Officer who carries a keycard. Secondly (if your character is weak) you can get a keycard from a safe in the last dorm room. You can pick the lock or use Science to hack the nearby terminal to open it.

How do I get past the decontamination chamber in L4?
You need to be wearing the Hazard Suit. You can get this by firstly gaining access to the Observation Room, then unlocking the Surgery door through the relevant terminal and finally taking the suit off of the dead scientist.

30th June 2011 (my birthday yay!)
*v1.0 - Initial Release

2nd July 2011 - v1.1
*Removed flickering from Jersey Barricades in Hangar 02.
*Replaced Weapon Case in L2-C - caused some Legion quest errors.
*Covered gap in Radio Tower.
*Added a bit of backstory to Level 2.
*Added a bit of backstory to the medlab on Level 3.
*Corrected typo 'Winter' to 'Winters' in L4 terminal logs.

25th July 2011 - v1.2
*Did a lot of polishing to the mod.
*Added the option to return to the surface from L4.
*Added a Quest, named it "Project Roswell" so as to not conflict with
zantetzou's Area 51 mod (for players who use both).
*Added Area Map to Area 51 and Map Markers, cannot fast travel.
*Adjusted welcome screens on all terminals.
*Cryo weapons now cause a small amount of frost damage.

*Ammo in the monorail car can now be collected.
*Corrected a few typos.
*Added correct North Markers to a number of interior cells.
*Made the mod a bit more companion friendly.
*Corrected NavMesh in Control Station (caused companions to spawn strangely).
*Corrected NavMesh in Underground Station, added rubble across rail lines to assist Companion access.
*Joined NavMesh in L2-C.
*Added missing NavMesh to Radio Tower.
*Added missing NavMesh to L2.
*Added missing NavMesh to L1.
*Fixed NavMesh in L3, added sandbags across Monorail line to assist Companion access.
*Corrected NavMesh in L4.
*Fixed planted Cryo Mine name (used to display "Frag Mine").
*Increased the toughness of the Riders and the US Remnants (but not too much).
*Lifted Skeleton's arm out of the floor in the Underground Station.
*Fixed black plane from showing in the Military Service Tunnel.