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Adds a 150mm Recoilless Rifle that can fire various projectiles. Can function both as a missile/fatman launcher and as an ersatz sniper rifle.

Permissions and credits
Adds a 150mm Recoilless Rifle that can fire various projectiles.

- Package safe can be found inside Goodsprings schoolhouse,
but its key locked.(see screenshot)

- Key can be obtained from a footlocker inside Pearl's barracks.(see screenshot)

- Weapon can fire the following projectiles.

i. Standard 150mm HE Shells
ii. 150mm Thermobaric Shells
iii.150mm Canister Shells
iv. 150mm Nuclear Shells(Megaton Nuke in 1.0)
v. 20mm APFSDS Projectiles
vi. Vanilla Fatman Projectile(version 1.0 only)

- Ammunition Recipes are included in the package.

- To install, just extract contents of the rar archive to your FNV Data folder.


Version 1.0 Changes

- Weapon can now fire Vanilla Fatman projectiles

- M-377 Round explosive power upgraded.(on par with megaton nuke)

- Better ammo recipes.(1 missile required to make 150mm HE shell and etc.)

- Fixed explosion effects glitch

- Added backblast.(If the venturi is too close to a wall or companion upon firing, the blast will kill you. though it doesnt always work)

- APFSDS Darts are now visible.

- Still working on the textures.


Version 1.01 Changes

- Projectile speed cranked up.

- Canister shot removed from ammo list.

- More stable nukes.

- Airburst projectiles added.(with 5 different timed fuze settings)

- Thermobaric shells now fitted with proximity fuze.

- APFSDS darts now pins limbs.

- Added ammo recipes.

- Retexturing attempt.


*This is the final version. Im not going to update this anymore because i suck
bigtime in texturing. Do anything you want with the file if you want to. just give me a tiny bit of credit if you want to repost it.

Thank you trying it out and have a nice day!