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  1. Tannin42
    • Vortex Developer
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    Please direct all feedback on Mod Organizer to its skyrim se page: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194
  2. ytphantomofficial
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    what exactly do you even mean by the install instructions?
  3. JPTheProxy
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    i cant get mo to excepet an .esp file any advice?
  4. ranafuineluva
    • premium
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    Shall we get Fallout 4 support?
  5. VengeanceX1722
    • member
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    Woops. Wrong mod. Ignore please
  6. MistakenMystic
    • supporter
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    In response to post #22088719.


    I can get Skyrim Mod Organizer to run FNV 4GB, but I can't get it to actually organize my mods. Help?


    Firstly, did you not read my post before adding your own? ALL support questions need to be submitted via the official forum, not this one. This is just a placeholder.
    I will say this though. if this is a genuine question and not some sort of prank, then you really need to examine what it is you are trying to do.
    • Why would you be trying to run a tool designed for Fallout New Vegas on your Skyrim game?
    • Why do you have a mashed up collection of plugins for both games in the one installation?
    Seriously, go and read the wiki and view the tutorial videos before proceeding any further.
    Lastly, do not respond here. Post your question in the correct forum.
  7. MistakenMystic
    • supporter
    • 1,515 posts
    • 46 kudos
    If you are here trying to get MO to work with FNV, STOP!, click on the ' Description' tab and follow the link to Mod Organizer hosted on the Skyrim Nexus.
    This version is old and not supported. DO NOT USE THIS VERSION!

    MO works perfectly with all the supported Bethesda games, FalloutNV included. None of the issues mentioned in this thread are still active in the latest version.

    Lastly full support is offered only from that site and the STEP forum or Bug Genie, both sites are listed in the Skyrim Nexus page.
    1. taberone
      • member
      • 126 posts
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      I can get Skyrim Mod Organizer to run FNV 4GB, but I can't get it to actually organize my mods. Help?

  8. koel700
    • premium
    • 268 posts
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    im dealing with a very weird problem AGAIN...im talking now about FNV and FO3 .. i can make it work like a charm BUUUT it continuously refuses to launch the game if certain mods are activated....even if these mod are single esp's and being used for years with ZERO problems and conflicts..

    1) in FNV Im talking about the advanced reckon series and the dark justice leather armor of GOPHER...my MO continuously refuses to launch if they are activated no matter the load order or mod order they are...it just doesnt launch ..the sec i de-activate them either in the mod order or the load order the game launched and works like a charm..i've tried to make it work by moving it anywhere..up..middle..low..it doesnt wanna work

    2) the exact same problem i got with Will's power armor in FO3 ..here tho is not such a problem..i dont value this power armor as an essential in the game but the reckon series above is indeed for many an ESSENTIAL collection of mods

    Since these mods i mostly put them in the end (i always put gun and armor mods in the end) i thought i have too many mods or such but no..even if i have next to nothing else...it still doesnt launch with them o.0
  9. cerebus179
    • member
    • 362 posts
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    Why should fomm be the only program that installs fomods? Some people cant use it. I use fomm for fallout 3. The latest version of fomm crashes my computer every time I run it.
  10. Astor1977
    • supporter
    • 965 posts
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    Not getting a response on the other site.

    How to get this to properly run Wrye Bash with Fallout New Vegas? I read about a batch file in this thread, but while that does indeed, launch Wrye from inside MO, Wyre, doesn't actually see any mods installed via MO.
  11. AshyRaccoon
    • member
    • 38 posts
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    I'm getting that too. "failed to apply ini" tweaks, and I find the profile's tweaked_fallout.ini is set +r
    EDIT: Along with the other ini. And so, the workaround I am using is starting it with this .bat file:
    attrib /S profiles\*.ini -r
    start ModOrganiser.exe