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Sulpyun and ported by invalidfate

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A popular race ported from TES4

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As the TES4 author's(Sulpyun) request, this picture need to be put in front of the page, and the original TES4 mod link
If you like this race, please endorse his page.

If you like my mod, checking my mod collection page for more incoming mods and modding progress.


As I know so far (If I'm wrong tell me), this is the first race porting from TES4 since Fallout is released. Some issues still exist but they won't affect game playing, just confusing you when making a face. So I decide to release this porting.

Due to EULA and nexus site rules, I cannot distribute any TES4 'vanilla' resource, so this mod does NOT CONTAIN 'HUMAN EAR' and 'TES4 EYE MESH'. Also, after tracing mesh information, I think head mesh and elf ear is not from TES4 vanilla, distributing them should not break the rule here.

Due to an unknown reason, the face looking in showracemenu and GECK is QUITE DIFFERENT than one in game. Fortunately, the face looking in game is the most beautiful one.

Default face in game


MOD DEPENDENCE: Anthony Lings Coiffure(depend on Lings.esm), Type3 (Recommanded)
Installation UI

Install via FOMM: unzip the file and use FOMM to directly install the .fomod package. Choose your desire face texture option via installation interface, press 'yes' for any overwrite message.

Manual Installation(not recommended): extracting all the content to data folder, and however, you cannot choose your face texture using this method.

The elf ears will add to your inventory automatically, equip it or your actor will have no ears.


You can use 'Facegen Exchanger' to transfer TES4 face to FNV one. However, the number of facegen parameters in FNV is far LESSEN than one in TES4, so perfect transferring can not exist. A example is demostration in following two figures.

a FNV character and TES4 facegen parameter source

NOTE: Since I DO NOT own the whole license, you CANNOT redistribut or modefy it without the permission from the origianal TES4 author Sulpyun.

Sulpyun for this awesome race and the porting permission
Throttlekitty for head06 mesh, facegen stuff, and merged facegen mouth (open license)
Authors of NifTools/Nifskope
Installation script is learned and referenced from Project Neveda