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Implements a lore-friendly armor set into the game, with a jaw-dropping backstory and upgrading options.

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Name:DVAted & Tumbajamba's "Jaden's Revenge" mod for NV
Version: 1.0
Date: 19th of June 2011
Category: Armor
Author(s): Tumbajamba & DVAted


Guys i decided to give my resent WIPs to the CBO-Mod team its the best companion mod ever. I will create many very cool and unique companions/outfits/and creatures for this project. Moreover every single companion will have his own quests, strong personality and very special abilities.

At the moment its still german only, but we are working on NVVersion and going to translate it if we find native english speakers with german skills!

So if you guys are willing to help us to get the best companion mod in english feel free to contakt me.

This mod implements a lore-friendly armor set into the Mojave Wasteland, with a jaw-dropping backstory and upgrading options.

The mod offers 3 recipes to craft a particularly unique set of armors,
a helmet and notes to explain their source and purpose.
It all starts next to the entrance of the Charleston Cave (next to Jacobstown),
where you notice a hollowed rock and decide to take a look.
The contents of the hollowed rock are:
* random vanilla clutter
* 3 recipes of the Land-Rider gear with special note:
"These designs allow you to craft a series of Land-Rider armors,
based on the gear worn by legendary mercenary and nightstalker hunter Timberland Jaden.
Use them in good faith and honor his cause."

The ingredients and results are as follows:
Land-Rider Basic Outfit:
1 Tunnel Snake Outfit + 1 Merc Adventurer Outfit + 1 Leather Belt + 2 Wonderglue
Land-Rider Reinforced Armor:
1 Land-Rider Basic Outfit + 1 Combat Armor + 1 Leather Belt
Land-Rider Legend Armor:
1 Land-Rider Reinforced Armor + 2 Nightstalker Hides + 1 Leather Belt

* 3 notes marking the history of Timberland Jaden.
* Lander Helmet - the original Timberland Jaden helmet for protection against the critters of the waste.

The requirements for crafting the armors are:
The Schematics/Recipes from the hollowed rock + the Jury Rigging Perk

As an add-on, to have access to the ingredients of the Armors,
we have included one new item (Nightstalker Hide) into the leveled lists of the Nightstalkers,
and one new item (Tunnel Snake Outfit) into the leveled lists of the Viper Gunslingers.

The Tunnel Snake Outfit is included in the New Vegas .bsas of meshes and textures,
and it was only added into the inventory of some of the Viper Gunslinger raiders.
The outfit can be used on its own, or as ingredient to craft the Landrider Basic outfit.

The Nightstalker Hide is a new item with exclusive mesh and texture,
and it can be dropped from the inventory or storred in a container.
The nightstalker hide can be sold as any other animal hide,
or used as an ingredient to craft the Legend Landrider Outfit.

All armors and the helmet have bonuses.

Install Instructions:
Place the folders and .esp files from this archive in your DATA folder
Activate the .esp through FOMM or the New Vegas Launcher

Uninstall Instructions:
You don't really want to do this :P But if you must:
simply delete the files from this mod, namely the
data/textures/armor/landrider folders

also delete the following files:

and the .esp file:
data/Land-Rider Armor.esp

1.0 - public release

Known Issues/Bugs:
None, but feel free to report.

Any mods modifying the Hollowed Rock in front of Charleston Cave.
Any mods modifying the leveled lists (death items) of the Nightstalkers.
Any mods modifying the leveled lists of the Viper Gunslingers.

Send a private message to tumbajamba on
Nexus Forums.

All armor and helmet models rigging and optimisation - Tumbajamba
Read Me, Nightstalker hide model and texture and .esp (ingame implementation) + story - DVAted
Testing - Sluggo

Other Stuff
ReadMe: daJbot's ReadMe Generator

Legal and Licensing:
All models and textures are used correctly and with permission.