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About this mod

Adds several NPCs to the 188 Trading Post which were intended to be there plus some other little additions to enhance the atmosphere of this place.

Permissions and credits

Other NPC Project MODs:
188 Trading Post [UPDATED: 11/11/11]
Aerotech Office Park
Bitter Springs
Freeside [UPDATED: 22/01/12] (Contains the latest 'NPC Project.esm')

This MOD intends to give the 188 Trading Post its NPCs back. In fact many of them were cut out or disabled from the game for no
reason because they all work fine. I wanted this outpost to become not only more populated just for the purpose of being
populated but also for the reason to fulfill its role as crossroads between two important roads in the Mojave Wasteland!

All of those NPCs will give comments if the player speaks to them for those dialogues were already implemented to them. That is
for the reason I have NOT created any new NPCs but added those who were cut. I think it's important to punctuate this fact.

Probably this won't be the last "Population Mod" I release but I'm thinking about revising other major and minor locations in
the Wasteland that could stand some additions.

Here's the list of what was changed basically:

- 1 Water Brahmin was enabled in the back of the bar.
- 2 Mercenaries were added.
- 3 Destitute Travellers were added.
- 3 Hopeful Travelers were added.
- 5 NCR Troopers are located around the NCR camp plus 1 sitting at the bar.
- 4 Gun Runners Guards are located around Alexander, they'll perform their duty depending on which time of day it is
< Two will guard at night, two at daytime >
- Gun Runners Guards are wearing Reinforced Leather Armors now and carrying Hunting Rifles.
- Face adjustmens were accomplished to nearly every NPC at the 188 Trading Post, old and new ones.
- 2 car wreckages were added (compatible with Rusty Highways).
- The Arms Merchant is wearing a unique military field jacket plus helmet from BeZen's 100 Outfits ReColor.
- Alexander is wearing a unique Gun Runners Business Suit from xporc's FOOK.
- Either will all of them Gun Runners wear Combat Gloves which increase the Small Guns Skill by 2 per glove.
< To obtain Alexander's suit and those Combat Gloves you don't have to kill him but there's an average-locked
Gun Runners Briefcase in their camp that will contain those items >
- Isaac from the Gun Runners is wearing the Gun Runners Business Suit either (not so unique anymore) instead of his typical mercenary suit.
He also wears a Baseball Cap now instead of his Roving Trader Hat and the Combat Gloves.
- A Gun Runners Sign was added on the car wreckages behind Alexander plus the Gun Runners Camp is fully illuminated now.
- There's also a Peace graffiti on the wall next to the Gun Runners camp.
- Clutter was added inside the bar and on the tables around the bar plus some clutter additions on a table in the NCR camp.
- A sandbag protection was added to the NCR camp.
- Other very minor tweaks.

For more details please see the screenshots. I think they are the best way to get an impression of all the adjustments.

This MOD is NOT compatible with the following MODs:
NVCE - New Vegas Character Expansions (Compatibility Patch available)

Copy the content of the .zip archive into your DATA folder (e.g. 'C:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Fallout New Vegas\Data'). Then simply activate both the esm and the esp file. That's it.

IMPORTANT - IF YOU'RE USING MORE THAN ONE NPC PROJECT MOD: Make sure you've got the latest NPC Project.esm. At the top of the page you'll always see which MOD contains the latest NPC Project.esm.

This is necessary because with every new NPC Project MOD I also have to update the .esm file which serves as a 'container' for NPCs that were added as completely new entries to the GECK. The reason why I have to do this is that the GECK has a system bug where new NPCs will always have pale skin. The only way to solve this problem is to convert the file into an esm and because I don't want to spam your Load Order with a new esm for every MOD I have decided to create this general container for ALL NPC Project MODs. An exampel: The esm from the Freeside MOD will not only contain the NPCs I used in the Freeside MOD but also the NPCs I've used in the other NPC Project MODs e.g. Aerotech Office Park and Bitter Springs but it will NOT use those NPCs. 'Using' those NPCs is the task of the esp files of the respective MOD. I hope I was able to explain this fair enough.

If you haven't already for another MOD or you're witnessing mismatching body and face colors then you've got to do the following:

1. Go to your Fallout: New Vegas directory (e.g. D:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Fallout New Vegas)
2. Open the Fallout_default.ini file and search for the following line:

bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 and change it to bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1

3. Save and exit.
4. Go to your other Fallout: New Vegas directory (e.g. C:\Users\King Rat\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV)
5. Open the Fallout.ini file and search for the following line:

bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 and change it to bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1

6. Save and exit.

If you're not comfortable in changing your .ini files create a backup beforehand.

A controversial credit goes to the creator of New Vegas Redesigned. It's controversial because this MOD is set to hidden since a very long time and I only hope that it has no tragical reason for having it not re-enabled by the author. The point is that I haven't got any possibility to contact the author and ask for his permission. I'm using his MOD for a very long time and I can't imagine to play NV without it. For this reason I decided to implement his face adjustments to my MOD although I didn't get his permission. It relates to the faces of Alexander, Michelle and Samuel. The other faces have been adjusted by myself. I didn't want to change the faces of them other three because I think they're made very brillant and I could not think of any improvements for they're perfect as they are.

A big Thank You! goes to the FOOK Team and xporc for allowing me to use their armored business suit mesh and textures to create Alexander's suit.

Either I want to thank BenZen for providing the resources of the Arms Merchant Outfit I created with his meshes and textures.

In addition I think that I should also credit DirtFace for I'm having the gloves idea from his MOD Vegas Gloves. I haven't copied anything of his MOD though I was inspired by it.

Version 1.1

With all the experience I've collected during the Freeside NPC Project I've overhauled the whole MOD, meaning:
- Wiped out the last few minor bugs.
< e.g. clipping issues >
- Optimizied NPC AI Packages and Idle Markers.
- Enhanced the immersion by applying more variety to some NPCs.
- To be more precisely:
* The NCR Trooper at the bar will sleep at night and so will do the guarding NCR Trooper.
* The NCR Trooper who is warming up near the fire barrel will take a seat at the bar in the evening.
* At noontide the two other NCR Troopers will visit the Arms Merchant to check her stuff.
* One of the Mercenaries will do so, either.
- Added a new NCR Trooper who's going to rotate with the guarding one, meaning that he will guard at night
while the other one is asleep.
- Added another Packed Brahmin behind the shack.
- Ezekiel is no longer implemented in this MOD, he moved to the Freeside MOD.

IMPORTANT: The previous version of this MOD didn't need the NPC Project.esm because I haven't created new NPCs.
Other than this one in which I've created a new NCR Trooper, so make sure to also add (or replace) the esm file.

Version 1.0

- The AI packages of the Water Brahmin, the Gun Runners Guards and some NCR Troopers were not optimal and have been fixed.
- New clutter added around the bar and the NCR camp to enhance the look.
- A Gun Runners sign has been added to their camp.
- I've forgotten to set the ownership of the Gun Runners briefcase to the Gun Runners faction, that has been fixed. Now you have to steal the content.
- Added a key to Alexander for the average-locked briefcase. You can steal the key if you don't want to pick the lock.
- For Isaac belonging to the Gun Runners either I've decided to add the Gun Runners Suit + Combat Gloves + Baseball Cap to him.
< On the screenshot the Baseball Cap is black but that's for the reason I'm using a certain Retexture Pack from the F3 Nexus. Its original color will be red >
- The Gun Runners camp is fully illuminated now (see screenshot) plus a peace graffiti is added on the wall near them (see screenshot).
- Ezekiel who is standing not far away from the 188 Trading Post received the Followers doctors coat instead of his merc outfit.
- Added Medical Gloves to Ezekiel, increasing the Medicine Skill by 2 per glove.
- Some other very minor adjustments.
- All in all some visual improvement + some tweaks to have a more stable AI!

Vulpes Inculta Redesigned