Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Tired of not being able to continue after Hoover Dam? Then this is the mod for you! Finish quests and explore the Mojave and more!

Permissions and credits
[size=8] CAGE - Continue After Game's Ending [/size]1.9.3

Update! Thanks to LordFrostcraig for cleaned up scripts. Anyone that downloaded this version and the plugin requires the previous version to work please download this version again as I goofed up in GECK and uploaded a version that depended on the previous esp. Sorry! :/


This mod will allow you to play on after the game's ending. The slideshow will begin and you will then be loaded into the Wasteland. You will be able to do quests, explore and play other mods normally.

Current Features

Explore the Mojave till your hearts content, and then some more. CAGE allows you to play every side-quest and DLC post-game. Once you get bored of that you can install mods, CAGE only touches 3 scripts so it should work with virtually everything.

So basically, you can play after the games ending.

Planned Features

I want the Mojave Wasteland to dynamically adapt to the user's ending, meaning if they side with the NCR for the ending then the NCR shall be the dominant power in the Mojave, and the land, settlements and characters will change to reflect that ending. The same vision goes for all of the endings, Caesar's ending, House's ending, Indie ending.

Not only that, but smaller factions will be affected as well e.g BOS, Boomers, Khans. Depending on how you interacted with these factions during the Main Quest and through various Side Quests their fate in the post game Mojave will also be interpreted through changes in their numbers and where they appear in the Mojave. Locations and NPCs will also be influenced by these factions as they did play a somewhat big role in what Major faction took the Dam.

Quests, yes, the post-game Mojave won't be a boring place with nothing to do, I plan to add lots of quests. These quests will be mulled over and ensured they are as lore friendly and immersive as possible. Through these I will build a post-game narrative fitting of the game. Also, parts of the Main Quest and side quests may be failed if you complete the game without doing them as they may not make sense anymore in a post-game world.

Those are my main goals for now, along with providing a bug free stable mod. In the even further future I hope to add new content like weapons, armor, NPCs (fully voiced of course), followers, new locations within and outside of the Mojave and many more ideas.

(Problem with all of this is that I'm incredibly lazy and DUST is really fun :P)


To Install

Install via NMM or unzip 7z to Fallout New Vegas Data folder.

To Uninstall

Remove via NMM or delete esp from Fallout New Vegas Data folder.


I have been notified that this mod is incompatible with Roleplayers Alternate Start.
 *Disregard this, it is compatible.

This mod is also incompatible with any mod that modifies the scripts VEnding and FadeToTimer.


1.You may link this mod in a Forum or on a site like Youtube.
2.You may upload this mod to a another file hosting site (e.g planetfallout) but as long as I have
credit as the mod author.
3.You may use this mod in your own mod as you wish, it is a free resource for anyone to use.