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The Gourmand is suppose to be the most high class, elegant, gourmet restaurant in possibly the entire wasteland. But when you get there what do you see? Brahman steak and crispy squirrel meat? This mod brings the gourmet food back to the gourmand for a more luxurious experience.

Permissions and credits
The Gourmand Revived v1.0

1. Purpose:

Gives the Gourmand a new selection of higher quality food and drink to accurately represent the fine dining nature of the restaurant.

2. Installation:

Move the Gourmand revived.esp file to your New Vegas data folder
On the game start up make sure the .esp is checked off
Good to go!
To uninstall simply uncheck the .esp file on the start up.

3. Changes:

Almost all of the original food items have been removed and replaced with food that is normally made in the campfire or new dishes I've created.

Almost all of the food being sold is pricier than normal because
1. some of the food as better effects than the original one's do
2. Have you heard the NPCs say "I could buy a whole Brahman for the price of this meal, but I'd never make that trade." I'm pretty sure a Brahman isn't worth 18 caps, so I'm keeping it more or less realistic.

Here's a list of all the items that can now be purchased at the food supplier

*Wasteland Omelet (no different, it's gourmet enough)
*Pinyon Nuts (to snack on)
*Yao Guai Filet
*Philippe's Special Casserole (you can be the judge of what's inside that casserole)
*Brahmin Wellington
*Mole Rat Stew
*Fire Ant Fricassée
*Desert Salad
*Gecko Hanger Steak
*Bighorner Tatare
*Utah Picked Cave Mushrooms
*Gourmet Trail Mix
*The Gourmand Quantum Pie (So Philipee didn't invent ALL of his dishes)
*Brahmin Sirloin
*Imported Wonder Meat (Someone in the Capital Wasteland had the right idea)

Along with that I added
* Fine Pre-war wine for flavor (no pun intended)

More types of food and drink can be added if people are interested

4. Additional changes

The food on the guest tables have all been changed to the new types of food I've added.
And yes they still are owned by the guests so taking them still counts as stealing.

Along with that I've added a part of one of the tables to belong to the player, so the player can have his or her own section to eat at.
I've included food, silverware, and drinks to make it look nice. It's all able to be taken without penalties, but I recommend un-touching it to make it seem like you have a reserved table waiting for you.

3. Conflicts:

None that I know of. But any other mod that affects the Gourmand inventory might cause the game to crash.
Any bugs or problems let me know.

I know it’s simple, but endorse if you liked it!

Thank you,