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Companion Share & Recruit adds a new perk you can use to make friends and influence people- letting you share equipment or persuade almost anyone in the wastes to help you adventure.

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Requires NVSE

Companion Share & Recruit adds a perk that lets you befriend almost anyone in the wasteland, with a skill challenge. You can then swap gear with them, find out what they're skilled at, and even recruit them to join you on your adventures. Up to half your Charisma +1 people can follow you at once, and you can up this limit by taking a new perk in the mod.

They'll follow orders, share equipment, people with Medicine tagged will heal you and other companions in combat, and if appropriately skilled they'll:
  • Open locks or blow open doors
  • Loot containers
  • Hack computers
  • Plant explosives on people.

The videos section contains an example of some of the orders in use.

With the Rapid Responder perk you can also heal your companions from the brink of death as they bleed out, or you can just set them as essential and avoid deaths altogether, and you also have the option to disable the need to keep them supplied with ammo to make companion management even easier.

Companions from some factions or 'professions' grant new companion perks, and you can train up any profession-less companions to get the skills and perks you want. Typical professions and Companion Perks they grant include-
  • King Ganger: Can give haircuts, and their style over substance gives you +3 DT when not wearing headgear.
  • Follower of the Apocalypse: Can fix broken limbs and heal you once per day.
  • Boomer: Grants a 10% increase in explosion size.

And so on. There's 20 different professions in total, collect them all! CSR includes an optional esp that placea a variety of NPCs of each profession in pubs and eateries around the Mojave, for you to recruit.

Plus, CSR includes faction theme perks that can grant you and your squad bonuses if you're all kitted out in the same faction gear-
  • NCR Patriot: +1 DT (up to +5) for each of you and your companions in NCR gear.
  • Disciple of Caesar: +3% Damage (up to +15%) for each of you and your companions in Legion gear.
  • Brother in Steel: +1% Crit chance (up to +5%) for each of you and your companions in Power Armour or Scribe robes.

If you want to wander the Mojave with a loyal squad of NCR troopers on the hunt for Caesar, run a motley band of prospectors and mercenaries, or just bring your favourite NPCs along as pack mules then CSR can help you do it.

Do not rehost without permission.