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This mod is intended to make a very simple change, barter. Base barter buying price has been increased by 20%. Base sell has been decreased by roughly 15%. Another thing altered is the XP, this mod is intended to be used by a character who might not pursue the main quest, which is a large source of XP in the game. Instead it boosts the XP rewa

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Name: HB+HB+BX (Hellbreaker + Harder Barter + Better XP)


HB+HB+BX changes the barter rates by increasing the cost of bought items, and decreases the price of sold items, with the intention of making caps from trading generally more valuable. In vanilla, quests generally reward balanced amounts of caps, whereas a high level character can make ridiculous amounts just from selling a single weapon.

HB+HB+BX also changes the XP rewards from tasks such as hacking terminals, lockpicking, and killing NPCS/enemies.

The main quest is a major source of XP in the game, this mod simply increases the XP reward of the other tasks, allowing the player to get a decent amount of XP without pursuing the mainquest or others.


Please comment, I'd love to hear your opinion! :)


Put the HBBBBX.esp into your \Fallout new vegas\Data folder, tick the HBBBBX.esp box in the Data section of your launcher.