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ABOUT F3NV:Weather

F3NV Weather is a simplified weather mod which works seamlessly whether (pardon the pun) your in the Mojave or the Capital Wasteland. Designed primarily to work with the excellent 'Requiem for the Capital Wasteland' mod, F3NV Weather brings with it many painstakingly crafted weather variations, ambiances and moods to compliment both worldspaces as well as rain and thunder. It will also snow in winter.
F3NV Weather uses Nevada Skies cloud textures.

The mod is simple but effective so it shouldn't zap the games resources either.


F3NV: Weather requires the Fallout 3 master file to work though I might remove this dependency at a later date. It is not compatible with other weather mods as far as I know but I haven't tested this theory at length yet. The plugin is has been cleaned using FNV Edit so it changes nothing in the vanilla game. As far as load order is concerned it can probably go anywhere but I would be grateful for any feedback on this.


Extract the F3NVWeather.rar into your DAT folder and enable the mod. Simple as that.


Delete the plugin. Also delete the F3NV folders in the texture/meshes and sound folders. Simple as that.

I would like to credit Yossarian22, author of the awesome Nevada Skies mod. Many thanks again Yossarian22 for giving me permission to use those cloud textures. I only wish Nevada Skies worked seamlessly in the Capital Wasteland. Over to you Yossarian22.:)

If you haven't already, check out the awesome Nevada Skies mod.