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Conversion of Fallout 3 mod "Bunny Suit". Needs original FO3 version to work. See long description for link and install instructions.

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Conversion of Fallout 3 mod "Bunny Suit". Needs original FO3 version to work. Adds several Bunny Suits to Doc Mitchells vendor inventory (respawns after 3 days).

This mod is simply an ESP file created by me, that makes the content of the FO3 version usable in FNV. It does not contain any content from the original mod.

If you like this mod, don't forget to endorse the original version, on fallout 3 nexus!

*Placed first aid box near exit of Doc Mittchel's house with all items.
*Uploaded first version.

1. Bunny Suit (FO3 Version)
My ESP file makes all OUTFITs from "BunnySuit" playable in FNV. But you still need the original mod for meshes, textures, etc. See Installation for link.

2. DIMONIZED Type3 Body
The outfits are optimzed for the mod "DIMONIZED Type3 Body", as the name implies. So if you use any other body mod, the wearer of these outfits will either "reset" to the game's base body or to type3, if it's installed, as long as she's wearing one of these outfits.

If you have no Body mod installed, "DIMONIZED Type3 Body" can be found here:

All Outfits can be bought from Doc Mitchell in Goodsprings, or taken from the first aid box near the exit of his house.


*Download FO3 Version of this mod from FO3 Nexus:

*Extract the FO3 version into a temporary folder.

*Copy all files from "(Extract Dir)\Data\" to your Fallout Datafolder:
...\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data\

*Delete BunnySuit.esp in data folder.

*Download my ESP file into the same Fallout NV Data folder and activate it in NV launcher.


Delete all of these files.

Thanks to:

Backsteppo for this cool mod

KingsGambit for his great and easy FO3/FNV Mod conversion manual

Doc Mittchel, for distribution

Fallout Nexus

and Bethesda